Sunday, January 30, 2011

Who Are We To Blame?

 DAY 30!!!

It seems hard for me believe we have all been on this journey for 30 days!!!  The first time I ever did this, I never thought I could make it past a day or two.  This is the fourth time I have done the No Sugar, No Soda thing.  This time I have learned more than all the three times combined.

I have learned we have all had good days and a few bad days thrown in for good measure.  Somehow we manage to get through the day, whether good or bad, because we know there is another day coming. 

I have learned just because I have a bad day, it does not constitute having a bad week.  If I have a bad week, it was my choice.  I heard someone say today that the English language is one of the few languages that has the word "blame" in it. We are so quick to blame our actions or reactions on something or someone else.  The young man went on to give the example, "The egg fell off the counter and dropped" not "Laura dropped the egg".  Now we all know I didn't do it on purpose but do you see how easy it is to put the blame on a person?  Mainly ourselves?

So I got to thinking about all this "stuff" we need work through to keep us on our path and journey.  I am realizing more and more how much I beat myself up and blame myself for EVERYTHING.  I know it is from years and years of abuse, and blame, but that abuse and blame has stopped years ago and yet I continue to do it to myself. 

I truly believe that to figure out who you are, you have to know where you came from.  I understand more now about my parents because of their backgrounds they came from. I have come to have more passion, to forgive them and even come to love them.  With that said, then why do I struggle so much?  I know it is my self confidence and self image I struggle with the most.  I try, but one little thing can set it off and I go for a nose dive without even blinking.

So today as I heard the young man talk about the word "blame" he added we need to write the good things down, whatever they may be to keep us on our journey and to remind us of those better times to help boost us through the bad.

As we near the finish line of 45 days with No Sugar, No Soda, I want you to take a minute and think back through this month and write down 10 GOOD THINGS in your life this month.  Keep that list with you at all times.  When the temptation becomes hard and you want to reach for the M&M or Snickers or whatever it may be, reach for your list.  Remind yourself of the good things of you!!!

We have 15 more days and I must say this has been so much fun for me!!!  I am very proud of all of you!!!  GROUP HUG!!!  ((((((((HUG))))))))) 

I have also seen, even though we all have our challenges, I know the No Sugar, No Soda is the one thing I can control in my life.  Each day I have hope because I remember the good times I have had.  I have hope by my walking where a year ago I was on a cane, by the new friends I have made, by encouraging words from people I do not even know, by my perseverance of sticking to it, by my pants starting to fall off, by being able to interact more with people, by sharing my story that help strengthens me, by finding ways to give back to others, by learning to love myself is a process that takes time, and for this blog where you all listen to my rants and babbles.  Those are small things I am grateful for that will help get me through the next 15 days!!!  Bring it on!!!!

What are your TEN GOOD THINGS?


  1. I know what you mean! Somedays or even some hours I feel so good, so righteous, and that I have life figured out. But then, just a bad nights dream, hormones shifting, an outside stressor, and I'm a mess. Life is humbling! I'll take your advice and write down ten good things this month. Thanks!

  2. I can't believe it is only 2 more weeks left of our challenge!! I have only had ONE soda, and that was kind of a "do or die" situation.I am not really missing the soda, but I am craving chocolate REALLY badly. I am planning on buying myself some Valentine choc and rewarding myself on VD!
    I have only lost 3 lbs. but I feel SOOO much better! I am going to try to make it an entire year without soda. I'm pretty tired of water but have found a new love for Propel Zero. There are several flavors and ZERO calories!
    Way to go on the walking!! You are doing SO awesome! Keep it up!!

  3. Laura,
    Thanks I am working on my 10 good things. It was more than just a bad day turned week. It was a new drama every other day and it compiled into a depression. I did have sugar and my mouth broke out and it has cleared up ever since I have been off it. Kind of

    Question has anyone ever noticed the last to letters in Blame is me.

  4. Rachel....I love your comment about the last part of BLAME is ME!!! Good one!!! I have had one of those weeks as well. Just hang in there okay?