Friday, January 7, 2011

Is It Really Day 7?

It seems hard that we have been doing this No Sugar No Soda for an entire week now!!! Congrats to all!!! Other than the one small challenge on Tuesday I have not really been tempted at all by all the other stuff because I am finally beginning to see the changes I made before are coming back very easily to me now.

So here is my question for you today? Looking back on your week, what were your challenges? How did you overcome them? I really believe that no matter who you are and how you feel you did, others can relate to you. Whether it be you had to have a soda this week, or that one piece of sugar, or you were perfect to a T. I would love to hear your ideas and thoughts of how your first week went.

On Kathy's blog someone had asked if Diet Soda was okay. Again I am not the Sugar Police, but I can tell you, part of the reason we are all so addicted to Sugar and Soda is because of the ingredients used to make us addicted. As I have said before, we often think of addiction as drugs, or tobacco, or alcohol. WRONG!!! So many things whether good or bad can be addictive. Is that a bad thing? What are you thoughts?

Going back to the no sugar and no soda thing for me, once again I am doing what works for me. I will have a future blog that discusses the affects of sweeteners and carbonation on us. I like to think that when the various sodas were made, they were made with the intent of satisfying a soul on a hot Midwestern summer day. There was nothing like getting a Big G

ulp full of ice and your favorite soda and playing the rest of the day. I feel very fortunate I got stuck with the 7-UP's and Root Beers growing up. Maybe that is why me getting off the soda is a bit easier for me, because I never had the headache withdrawals that others have spoken of.

So today I really want to hear from you! What were your challenges? Your most triumphant moment? Have you been able to inspire someone else this week? And before I forget, make sure you take a BEFORE picture so you can compare it to yourself on Valentine's Day!!!

Open Floor....let's hear it!!!


  1. Laura....I'm SO excited!!!!! I weighed myself just before Christmas, and then I weighed myself this morning....and I've lost 10 lbs!!!! Not only have I been following the "No Sugar, No Soda" thing....but I have also been following the "Eat Right For Your Blood Type" thing....and I'm already seeing results! I also feel like my digestive system is not so sluggish, and I don't feel as bloated. Part of the "Blood Type" thing for me is that my blood type doesn't do well with dairy & wheat products, nor animal protein. I've been making substitutions (like soy milk, vegetable proteins, & Ezekial bread)....and it seems to be making a difference!!! Now, of course, with the Blood Type thing, everyone is different. What's good for my blood type might not be good for your blood type. So I'm not suggesting anyone make the same changes I'm making. This is just what is apparently better tolerated by MY system, according to MY blood type. Anyway, along with the No Sugar, No Soda....I think I'm making some progress here! I'll keep you posted....but right now, I'm SO excited!!!! Thanks again for all your inspiration and positive attitude, Laura! You're amazing! And I agree with you regarding the Diet Soda...from my research, artificial sweeteners (especially aspartame) can do more harm than good. Anyway, I'm trying to stay away from Soda altogether. I find it bothers my digestive system.
    Well, that's it for now! Keep up the good work, everyone! We can do this!
    Wendy :o)

  2. Wendy Girl....You just made my day!!! 10 Lbs WOW!!! Way to go!!!! I know for me mine are the pasta and bread, and I will get to those. But with no job and limitations on $$ etc, I know I am setting myself up for failure with the stress so I do what I can for now. And it is working for me so hopefully I will be getting a job soon and then progress to the next step. Thank you for sharing your story with us!!

  3. Way to go Wendy!!! That is amazing!! I might have to check into the blood type book. I'm not getting on the scale until Sunday.....that is going to be my weigh in day. I've only been able to make time for my Wii Fit one day so far this week, so I haven't even seen my weight on there. The Wii is a great tracking tool. You can set your goal and it will track it for you.

    This week hasn't been as difficult as I thought it would be. I knew last night was going to be a test because of the sweets at our church meetings on Thursday. I was able to resist, even though there was a carrot cake and mini cheesecakes!

    One difference I have noticed is I actually am feeling hungry. That may sound strange when you are trying to lose weight to want to feel hunger, but I was stuffing so much junk into my mouth that I was never letting myself even get hungry. I would just eat because it was time to, not because I was actually hungry. For me is more "live to eat" than "eat to live."
    I also have been drinking LOTS of water.
    I had to see the Dr. Tues. with a sore throat and I've been on an antibiotic since then, so that may be one reason I haven't been craving sweets or sodas.
    Congrats to everyone for making it through the first week!! I will let everyone know if there is a weight change Sunday!!(I did weigh at the Dr. Tues and there was no change, but I had a lot of clothes on)

  4. *waves to Laura*

    Found you!
    I'm interested to read your future post about sweeteners. My husband and I avoid aspartame and I avoid most diet sodas.

  5. Carol was I lost? Glad you found me too!!!! Send me an email!!! Got something to tell ya!!!

  6. Day 7 and no Pepsi or junk food. Trying to drink more water.

  7. I don't really feel that I "slipped" but I probably did. This afternoon at work on my break I went to get a drink. I thought I had a bottle of water in the fridge but I didn't. So my beverage choices were off-brand cola (yuck), cofee (yuck), tap water (enough chlorine for a swimming pool taste), expired milk (ummm) and green tea (not my favorite). So I had the tea, even though the first ingrediant (or maybe the second) was high fructose corn syrup. So I don't know if I really cheated or not because this was not something that I planned to avoid, mainly because I don't really like it.

    So, moral of the story...Take a bottle of water to work.

  8. Jenny I think you did great!!!! Two things, remember we are not the SUGAR POLICE here....ha ha and second THIS IS YOUR JOURNEY. My whole purpose of this blog is to get to people to see how their sugar and soda attractions they have are habits and addictions. I have said before I eliminated soda out of my diet, and when I say "SUGARS" I have eliminated the sweets. Now some people have tried to argue with me and say but Laura bread has sugar....yes it does. And one day I will get to that, but right now one step at a time for me. So if I can go without the sweets and soda I am doing good and so are you!! You will get to a point in your journey where all the fructose stuff will be the main area to hit. But right now take it one step at a time and you will get there. Hugs and great job!!! And look you learned you need to have your own bottle of water with you!!! Ha Ha