Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sleep and Sugar--AreThey Related?

Have you ever stopped to think about when you get tired?  What is the first thing you reach for?  Something to pop your energy level up to give you more energy?  Next time stop and think about how you slept the night before?  If you say, I got the same amount of sleep I always do, 6 hours then you may have just stumbled on to something. 

Doctors have preached for years we need 8 hours of sleep to rejuvenate our bodies.  Our bodies have the ability to heal themselves for the most part if we allow them.  I am not saying quit going to the doctor, we all need doctors!!!  Consider this, I have a friend who stays up until Midnight or 1 in the morning and then up at 5.  Their excuse is, "I don't need 8 hours of sleep".  But when I watch them, I see how they are always  down (depressed), no energy and very agitated all at the same time. I also see how everything has to go on their schedule and everyone has to accommodate them.  So is this someone who doesn't need 8 hours of sleep or someone who just THINKS because they can survive on 5 hours sleep, they don't need the 8 hours of sleep? Trust me, they need EIGHT hours of  sleep!!!  LOL

There is a direct link to weight loss with sleep habits.  Recently, I found an article by Samantha Gibble entitled "10 Lifestyle Changes You Can Make to Lose Weight Naturally.  Will it surprise you if I told you the #1 change was eliminating liquid sugars such as soda, and the #5 change was sleeping?  According to Ms. Gibble, when we do not sleep enough our appetite magnifies. This is interesting to me, because I TRY to go to bed at 10.  99% of the time this does not happen.  Yet if I do not wake by 7 I feel as though my day is wasting away, and when I get up I start eating.  But I can see how when I get to bed sooner than midnight and sleep 8 hours, I feel better, not as sluggish and not eating everything in sight. 

Another thing I noticed with me, several years ago when I eliminated sugar and carbs, I slept very soundly through the night.  Most nights I am up a few times to go to the bathroom.  The first time I slept through the night I did not know what was happening.  That had never happened before!! I thought, so this is what it is to not be tired.  So I know there is a correlation between sugar, sleeping and how it all affects you and whether you are "tolerable" the next day. When I say tolerable, I am meaning are people able to stand being around you for the day?  Been there, done that one too!!  LOL

I can tell you from someone who have lived 50+ years on an emotional roller coaster, it is not fun and very exhausting.  So with all that said, I am going to find ways for me to eliminate MORE SUGAR from my diet. I have a book I want to share with you in the future on how to get more sugar out of your diet.

But for now, know you all have done BEAUTIMOUS!!!  I am so proud of everyone!!!  Just keep going and don't get discouraged!!!  It will all come!!!

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  1. I know for sure when I am tired, I reach for food and comforting sugar. Then , if I eat lots of sweets, I often feel tired yet restless and irritable.