Monday, January 17, 2011

Winter Blah's?

Have you ever noticed when it is winter time how we tend to stay in and kind of hibernate?  There is nothing better than curling up with a good movie, or a good book and a mound of food!!!  My old preference would be a bag of Peanut M&M's and when the bag was done I was done.  Someone had mentioned it was the winter blahs that was getting them down and not controlling their eating.  That is easy to do.  Here in Texas we have had rain for three days, and this afternoon it finally eased up.  But I can tell you when it is dark and gloomy it is hard to get motivated to do much.  So I got to thinking, what can we do to break our traditional habits of winter so all our hard work does not go to waste. 

First of all did you know there are Winter fruits and vegetables?  There are and here is a list:

Blood Oranges
Grapes (Red)

Passion Fruit

Satsuma Oranges
Ugli Fruit

To read more about these fruits see Winter Fruit at

Bok Choy
Broccoli Rabe
Brussels Sprouts

Celery Root
Jerusalem Artichokes

Snow Peas
Squash (Winter)
Sweet Potatoes
Turnips (White)

To read more about these fruits see Winter Vegetables at

I have seen others mention the winter blahs.  What do you do to help fight those winter blues?  How do you turn those gloomy days into brighter days to keep your spirits and motivation up?  Please share your ideas!!!


  1. I like to go ice skating in the winter. THe nearest rink is about an hour a way so I don't go very often. I wish I lived closer. A guy told me one time he lost 80 pounds by going skating several times a week. I'm not much for physical activity. Getting hot and sweaty are not my favorite things. (Needless to day, Gym was not my favorite class). As for beating the winter blues, I don't know, I'm always ready to make a date with Mr. TV. I guess I knit more in the winter. Does that count?
    Hope somebody has some ideas, I think I could use some. ;)

  2. I definitely get the winter blues to an extent. I miss the extra sunshine and longer days. But it is strange that I actually am more active in the cold colorado weather. I think that is mainly because I hate to sweat and when it is hot out, hiking around that lake in 90 weather I pour sweat.(yuck) This happens less in the winter so I am more active.

    Jenny I know that an hour drive after working all day is rough. But think of the drive as therapy, time to unwind and go skating. But do it before you go home because if your like me once I get home I meet MR couch and Miss TV and dont move the rest of the night. I love to knit as well. You also might consider walking on part of your lunch hour at work. I often do that and then eat at my desk. Although I hate excercise I find I sleep better and focus better when I do. Good luck!!! Hope this helps. Rachel

  3. I am trying to remember what I did in Utah when it was wintery and cold. I did go mall walking on some mornings because it seemed easier than walking outside.

    In doing research the top things they suggest are get outside!!! It may be cold and you may only be able to do it a couple of times a week but get outside and get some sunshine!! Open the curtains and blinds and let the sunshine in. It is not gloomy every day!!!

    Also find ways to exercise inside. I used to have an exercise bike and I was putting on miles to see how far it would take me to get to another state or a place I wanted to visit.

    Eating more fruits. Fruits remind us of the spring and summer so eat away.

    I also liked to work on projects. I do alot of genealogy and it is much easier to do hunt ancetors when it is winter time when you feel you have to be cooped up. Maybe it is working on a scrapbook of the years events. Also doing something for someone else will help you get through the winter blues. Remember it is only a few months so you can do it!!!

    @ Jenny I agree with Rachel if you love to ice skate, put it in your schedule to do it twice a week. The drive like she said would be nice therapy!!!

    Good Job everyone!!!

  4. I am fortunate to live in a climate where it is tropical pretty much year-round. I LOVE the sun. When it is overcast two days in a row, I become very depressed and even more non-functional. Therefore, I am grateful that I reside where I do.