Friday, January 28, 2011

Are You Up For a Challenge?

I am just wondering.....Is anyone still out there?  Even though I have not blogged in a couple of days, I feel as though I have a responsibility to all of you.  It has been a very crazy week, but a very productive week in many ways.  Earlier in the week, I mentioned how I went walking. That was a huge milestone for me.  I can also tell you, I could have never done it without the support of my two friends who went with me and walked slowly with me. I hate to commit myself to something, because if I don't do it, then I feel like I have failed.  As I learned last Saturday, this is all a learning process and you only fail when you quit trying. What works for one may not work for others.  It is actually becoming quite easy for me to leave the sweets, cakes, pies, cookies, candy and soda alone.

Also as I mentioned earlier in a blog, I learned I swapped the sweets for other things, mainly chips.  But I now know, I can't get the big bag of chips.  At my local grocery store, they have a nice size bag for .50 cents, and also a size bigger for $1.00.  I allow myself one a week.

Then there is the bag of sugar free chocolate.  That I will not do again (see earlier post!  LOL)  I get myself one serving, instead of the bagful.  It works for me.

But anyway as I completed my third day of walking for the week, I decided I WAS READY to make some more challenges for me.  They are not huge ones, but things I can add to on this No Sugar, No Soda challenge.  Are you game?  I know others are doing this on Kathy's Blog, and they have three challenges, but I was not ready to make those challenges when they did.  To be a little different we are going with four.  Remember this is YOUR CHALLENGE, so no matter what you feel you need to do YOU CAN DO IT!!!  If you want to do three instead of four, you can.  Also, we can do these till Valentine's Day -- which by the way is SEVENTEEN DAYS AWAY!!!

Here are my new challenges:

1) Still sticking with my No Sugar and No Soda (sweets and pop)
2) Walk three times a week
3) Write down what I eat 3 times a week (I see a pattern there)
4) Eat in my car ONLY once a week.  If you ever saw the inside of my car, you would understand this one!  LOL

Okay see those are silly ones, especially the last two. But if I can get in a habit of doing it, I can increase the days and make a bigger change to my lifestyle.  And that is what we are really striving to do.  You all have done so well, but I want to hear from you.....good or bad.  Tell me what your thoughts are?  Did your moods change?  What did you learn?  Are you ready for another one after Valentine's Day?

Sorry I have been so bad at blogging this week, but I am still here and want to hear from all of you!!!!  Oh maybe that should be my FIFTH CHALLENGE!!!



  1. That sounds fun! My challenge will be:
    1. Only one pop at work
    2. Get rid of my candy in my locker and drawer at work, by Wednesday
    3. Eat no more than 450 calories twice a week after work
    4. Eat sitting at the table in awareness three or more times this week

  2. I'm still here. I was expecting Wednesday to be kind of challenging. It was movie night at the library (I have a 2nd job as a very, very part time children's librarian and I select and show the movies). We serve popcorn and soda at movie night and there have been times in the past when enjoying a can or two of pop was more amusing than the movie. I was actually quite happy with just a bottle of water and a small bag of popcorn.

    I hadn't really throught about adding more goals but I like Laura's goal of walking more, so I'm going to be a copy cat and try that too. I'll thke the dog on a walk 2-3 times a week depending on weather and work schedule. I think it will get easier to meet this goal as the days get longer and the weather gets warmer. (It's been cloudy cold and snowy all month.)

  3. @Laura I think your goals are great!!! Like I have said before this is YOUR CHALLENGE and only you know the things you want to change. So good for you!!!

    @Jenny--Congrats on the water and popcorn. I am learning how those very small steps pile up to big big breakthroughs. I worked for a company once and we were developing software to help people with their goal whatever it might be. The one thing I heard, was when our boss mentioned, "I just didn't get it when people knew what to do but didn't do it all at once and had to take a small step at a time." He went on to say people told him and he finally realized not everyone can take big steps, sometimes we have to take baby steps to get to a big step. I try to remember that.

    So good for you guys!! And Jenny thanks for the compliment on walking. It has been hard, but I could have never had done it without my friends!!! They truly inspire me and motivate me!!

  4. They are small steps, but I'm like you...I use to do big challenges, but I felt like a failure when I failed. Plus, I don't want to be obsessive...something I use to do with my previous eating disorders...anorexia, bulimia and then compulsive exercising.

    Don't give up on this blog! I think a lot of people read it, they just don't want to log on. It can be a hassle.

    Thanks for being are awesome!

  5. I have had a rough week and felt like I had nothing positive to contribute.

    I am here though and reading will put out my for small challenges shortly.


  6. @Rachel.....Aww here is a hug for you!!! Hang in there....see my post for today (Sunday). There is a hug for you. Just remember we are all on this journey together. If you need to rant please do so!!! You know I have!!! Hugs!!!