Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Should We Start The Countdown?

I just realized as I began to write blog tonight that we have only 20 days to go!!!  (Okay so I started this last night on the 25th!- but none the less) Do you know what that means?  Yep ...time to start leaving hints for Valentine's Day!!  <g>  No but really, congratulations to all those who are sticking with this, whether you have slipped up and started again or just now starting.  It's all about changing those habits!!!

There are a couple of things I have been noticing about myself and wondered if anyone else was noticing any changes as well?  For me, one thing is I drink more water than before. Anyone else doing this?

1) I have also noticed that it has been getting easier for me to leave the soda and sugar alone.  Monday night I was at a gathering and there was carrot cake.  My favorite!!! I could have had a very small piece.  But I looked at everyone around me and KNEW that they KNEW I was off sugar and soda so the temptation was not even that great.  I filled up on Jalapeno chips and fruit instead.

2) I also find that I eat smaller meals more often. Not sure what that is really from, but I don't let myself get hungry.  I try to keep my blood sugar at an even level.  I find when I don't and I get hungry and inhale food, THEN I eat again.  But if I can have water nearby and a small snack of protein I seem to do okay.

3) Probably the biggest thing I see a change in are my emotions.  When I was back on sugar between Thanksgiving and Christmas I was an emotional roller coaster wreck.  But now I can feel myself more even keel.  Is it just me or can you feel when your sugar levels are out of whack and throw you on a wild roller coaster ride?  That is the only way I can describe it.

4) I have more energy.  Today I went walking for the second time this week!!! Gooo Me!!  Yesterday someone sent me an email telling me they saw me going into the Family History Center and said, "you are looking good!!!"  Made my whole day!!

So even though we can begin to countdown, and enjoy the successes we have had, I was curious as to what changes are you seeing in yourself?  Do you have a favorite thing you have been waiting for Valentine's Day for?  Come on spill it cuz I know there are some awesome changes out there!!

Hugs and Great Job Everyone!!!  Laura

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