Saturday, January 1, 2011

Day 1 -- So How Did It Go?

On Thursday nights I attend an addiction and recovery class at my church. I am sure Sugar Addiction is not one of the addictions they had in mind BUT I truly felt I needed strength to truly break my addiction to it. We go through a 12 Step Program and Thursday night the step was on Forgiveness. I have thought about this and how it relates to my own addiction of Sugar.

Because I am writing this the night before Day 1, I cannot honestly tell you if I made it through the day with No Sugar or Soda but that is my plan. I have thought of those who say they want to try this but don't think they can.....but yet they have signed up and are taking that first step. I truly believe the only way we can become stronger people is by sharing our stories. We all have “things” in our lives we need to overcome. For me, mine is more publicly visible because of my weight. I have heard the snickers, the cruel words, felt the glares – it all stings. As a teen I was referred to as an animal. Usually a horse or Ox or Bull. I could run to my sugar and free myself from the hurt and pain – because there was no one else to do that for me. Today when I get frustrated and see myself, I ask myself, “Look what you have done.” And just like the little girl I feel bad for letting “me” down and want to run for the comfort that has always been there. I have a hard time loving myself and forgiving myself because of my past.

Last night in my class, we were reminded one of the first people we had to forgive was ourselves. What does this have to do with Day 1 of No Sugar and No Soda? There may be some of us who don't make it past Day 1, or others down the road that will stumble. For all of us I ask we remember to forgive ourselves if we stumble. Look back at the day and see what events happened that made you lose that control to have the sugar or soda. Was it a headache? Jitters? Did you not even realize what you were doing till it was in your mouth? There are a million different reasons. Just don't be afraid to get back up and try again. Forgive yourself and don't be afraid to share your story!!!


  1. Very well said Laura. We have to learn to not be so hard on ourselves. At times it seems we are our own worse enemy! We will all slip up now and then, and as you said, we have to forgive ourselves. And we can always come here for support!

    Today will be another test for's my grandsons birthday and as you know where there is a 4 year olds celebration, there is yummy birthday cake and ice cream. My son-in-law told me I should've started this on Monday.....Ha, but I assume there is going to be some challenge everyday, but I am out to SUCCEED!!

  2. Here is something I would like to share with everyone:

  3. Well, so far so good! I agree with you both, Laura & Bev....we can be so hard on ourselves! We're human...if we were PERFECT we wouldn't be here on this earth. I agree that we need to be gentle with ourselves when we slip up. Then just pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, & start all over again (hey, isn't that a song?!) :o)
    Yes, Bev, I had heard of the "Eat Right For Your Blood Type" book before, too...a few years ago, actually. But I just recently got the book & started to read it. The neat thing is, when I read about my blood type's characteristics & food sensitivities, etc.... it just fits me to a tee! So I'm anxious to see if the changes I make to the foods I eat really make a difference for me. I'm not just dealing with weight issues; but also, chronic pain & fatigue that I think could be, at least partly, related to sensitivities to certain foods & preservatives. I've had allergy testing done...and I wasn't really allergic to any particular food. However, that doesn't mean that I couldn't still have sensitivities to certain foods. So I'm anxious to see if eating according to my blood type (& getting away from processed foods) will make a difference with my pain & fatigue, etc..., as well as with my weight. I hope so!!! Anyway, that's it for me for today. Hang in there, gang! Remember, be gentle & patient with yourself! :o)