Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Fight For Our Lives

Every Wednesday morning I look forward to watching the Biggest Loser online from the Tuesday night airing.  I do not have a TV so that takes away my excuse of sitting down and watching TV for hours straight.  I don't want to be on the Biggest Loser because I don't like the Bob and Jillian yell at the contestants.  But I gain alot from the show by the stories that are share and other things.  This week a few things struck me.

1- You have to have your mind and heart in it, the weight loss will come.  It has to be YOUR decision to lose weight.  I have mixed emotions over Dan leaving last night.  Part of me just wants to say LOSER!!  He couldn't stick it out for his family, and there are so many others who want to be on that show.  But at the end when it showed how much weight he had lost, and his little girl, he is making progress and that is the important thing.  Maddie will now have her dad with her for a bit longer.  I love how she rode her scooter beside him as he jogged.  Obviously he is doing something right.

2 - We are in a battle for our lives....I think Rulon Gardner said this.  I remember watching Rulon Gardner winning his Gold Medal in the Olympics.  I was very much into the Olympics, anxiously awaiting for Salt Lake City to have their turn as Welcoming the World.  I also remember his snow mobile accident and the plane crash.  But you always think the people you admire for their victories will always be victorious. Rulon has a lot of stuff to deal with.  Expectations of what others now think of him, his family, career, and to come back to a place in glory he has been before.  One thing I noticed about Rulon was his heart.  His heart and mind are in the right place and I believe he is going to win his battle.

3- Obesity is a disease like cancer and must be treated aggressively as so.  Obesity is like cancer.  WOW!!  That struck a chord with me.  I think of all those I have know who have had cancer, those who survived and those who lost their battles.  How?  They didn't give up-I don't think anyway, but they lost their battle. Or did they?

So all this has put me in a mind set of where all this started with me and where I want to go.  I always used to be fairly active.  I could keep up with my friends and exercise. However, I have always been overweight.  It really all started I think one day when I did not feel well.  I had just started a new job and knew I could not miss.  That morning I woke up with chills, got in the shower and could not get warm.  I went to work anyway.  My manager seeing me said, "You look like crap!" I said, "Thanks I feel like crap!"  She said, "No something is wrong and you need to go to the doctor."  I didn't have a doctor and she told me to go see hers.  She made me go.  Long story short, I had a virus running through my body.  I was given some antibiotics and the next day my legs were as red as a stop sign and almost too hot to touch. I went back to the doctor and I got a double shot in my hip to help battle the virus.  That was the beginning of my immune system I feel going down hill.

When I began to write this in the morning, I was feeling pretty good about myself and the day.  Then a series of events tailspinned me into frustration and now I feel as though I have taken about five steps backwards. No Sugar and No Soda, but as was mentioned earlier, I went with my replacement food--chips. I need to get my head back in this and work on rebuilding my body, but I am emotionally exhausted from the day. So now I think it is time to call it a night as tomorrow is another day!!

So where are we with the fight for out lives?

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