Sunday, January 2, 2011

Combatting The Sugar Portion....

Why is it we feel as though we must have that candy bar right then and there? Have you ever done that? Standing in line and right there is your favorite candy bar. We all have a favorite and it is most likely at the checkout stand as we are leaving. You hear it and it is screaming, “Wait you forgot me!!”

I was talking to a dietitian once and told her about my giving up sugar for a period of time. She found that interesting and asked, “Why do you feel you need to give it up?” I tried to explain to her my addiction to sugar and her comment to me was, “There is a piece of chocolate cake I have had my eye on now for two weeks in the cafeteria and it is still there. I know when I go back, there will be a piece of chocolate cake if I want it. So I tell myself, “I don't want this today, maybe tomorrow.” 

Two things I learned from her this day:
      1. Those candy bars are ALWAYS going to be there the next day, I don't have to have one today for fear they won't be there tomorrow.
      2. Do I have to have that candy bar or do I want that candy bar?
When I go through a checkout line and hear that Three Musketeers scream at me, “Hey Laura!! Here I am! Come get me!!” I think these two things, it will be there next time and is it something I have to have? The answer to those things usually help me get past the candy to the checkout line.  And just in case you are wondering, yes that Three Musketeers really talk to me! Ha!

Now don't get me wrong, I am in no way cured!!! I am far from it!!! But what I have learned is that I can control that sugar addiction and attraction a little bit more by creating new habits. I do ask myself these two questions and if I still feed the need for chocolate, I find sugar free chocolate to satisfy me.

Sometimes, GASP! I am not in the mood for chocolate but still want a “treat”. With that I do one of two things, nuts and fruits. I love Walnuts and I can get a small container for a couple of dollars. I also look for some fruit that looks tasty. On the days they have fresh pineapple samples, SCORE! I love that!! Sometimes, that is all I need to satisfy that craving--a sample. This Christmas I was given a dried berry mixture that was quite tasty. There was not the fructose and processed sugar content in it, although there were some sugars listed. I am just trying to find ways to break my habits and give me alternatives to the whole sugar addiction.

Another thing I have read that works for some is to limit your sugar intake to drop pounds. For me just limiting does not work, I need to find ways to cut it out completely. But if you are saying you want to try this No Sugar, No Soda thing but can't do without the sugar, try taking your Grams of Sugar down to about 30 or so a day and see if that helps.  Does that seem doable? 

Well that does mean you need to look at labels. So there are some options for you on No Sugar Thing. I have found lots of interesting articles on the net about this, that I will share along the way.  I am too lazy to do that, so I will just cut it out and live with it.

I have a little exercise for you.  We have all heard about healthy foods or what we think are healthy foods.  This is one of my favorite foods that I THOUGHT was healthy.  And it is healthier than most things, but when I saw the sugar content, I thought WHOA MAMA!! And my focus is cutting down my sugar content.  If I was to limit my Sugar Grams to 30, this would just about do it for the day.  Any guess what it is? 

 What do most of you have a harder time with the No Sugar? Or No Soda? What are your ideas on how you are going to combat this and succeed at it? Anyone have any major breakthroughs? I want to hear from you!!!

Just remember Day 2 is almost over and you all thought you couldn't get by one day!!! Yeaaa Us!!!


  1. Does "no sugar" mean you cut out all foods that have any sugar content at all? What about sugar substitutions? Do you eat foods that substitute honey for sugar? I had a Raspberry Activia yogurt then looked at the ingredients and sugar was listed. Do you eliminate all processed foods that contain a little sugar? What about sugar free jello? I didn't realize until now how many foods contain a little sugar even though they aren't desserts or candy.

    Soda pop isn't a real temptation for me. I'd rather have milk, water or juice.

    I caught Wayne eating a mint and he said that he isn't drinking any pop but has to eat all the foods that contain sugar in the house before he starts his sugar free diet. Ha!

  2. Kathy,
    My son-in-law asked me the same question today. For me, it's just the cookies, cakes, ices cream...etc. that I'm giving up.Raising a diabetic child, I have learned through the years which products have less grams of sugar etc, but I am concentrating more on the obvious. If it starts getting too technical, I know I will fail at this, but that's just me. I was checking labels when grocery shopping today though, trying to find a jelly or jam I thought I might like. I have tried all the sugar free and haven't found one that I like. I did find one that I am anxious to try in the morning.It is Smuckers Simply Fruit and is sweetened with fruit juices.

    Laura, I am feeling good about myself right now.I was confronted with some mouth watering desserts this weekend and I said NO!! Thank all of you for the motivation. I would have not been able to do that before. The sodas have been a little tough this weekend but I did it! I suspect it is going to get worse for me as we go into the work week. I am so use to my habits, it's going to take a while to get into a new routine, but......
    Bring it on!

  3. @Kathy--I am with Bev. I am just trying to get us all to break habits and make us more aware of what we are eating. I have done the sugar count before and I am just not a math person. Start out with the big stuff, cakes, candy, ice cream and find substitutes or ways to get around the cravings. Then you go for more, once you cross one hurdle. As for Wayne....I am just shaking my head at him. Ha Ha Keep up the good work Kathy, and next year YOU CAN surprise Debbie!

    @ Bev -- you are so rocking girl!!! Keep it up!!

    Do either of you know what the label is from in the post?

  4. Is the label from some type of cereal maybe?

  5. @Bev...Nope not a cereal. I will post on my next blog what it is. You will be surprised!!!

  6. How about a diet food like Slim Fast?

  7. @Kathy--You make me giggle.....It is up to you how you want to "interpret" the NO SUGAR. For me, I just leave the candy, cakes, sweets alone. But I also don't like the Slim Fast drinks so they are not in my realm of food for me to have to decide for. If that makes sense?

  8. Laura, I think she was guessing the label to be a diet food like Slim Fast ;)

  9. @Bev....WELL DUH!!! I think you are right on Kathy's guess...I am rolling my eyes at myself!! Ha Ha

    @ Kathy Nope not Slim Fast

    The correct answer is Yoplait Key Lime Yogurt...My Favorite!!! Sorry for the dunce moment!!!

  10. Wayne bought some Slim Fast drinks and put them on the counter. That's why I guessed Slim Fast. He drank 2 cans yesterday and then had a nice dinner that Michelle prepared. He's now snacking on baked Tostitos and sugar free jello. He always goes on the weirdest diets.

  11. That Wayne!! Ha Ha Tostitos and Sugar Free Jello. That reminds me....I need some Sugar Free Jello!! Ha Ha