Wednesday, March 26, 2014

What a Year!!

I realized as I pulled up my blog it has been over a year since I wrote on it.  At first I thought "Bad Laura!" and stopped myself.  I stopped myself and begin to think back over the year.  It was indeed a growing year for me. I had alot of challenges last year.  In the beginning of the year when I tried to do something about my health, it seemed things got worse.  I had a cortisone shot in my knee for my arthritis and the next week I was so sick with throw up for two days.  Not my idea of getting healthy. I tried to go off the Gluten for a while and was feeling better, but other things seemed to overtake me and I was back on the Gluten and sugar again.  There were days I had no energy, motivation or the ability to get out of bed more than going to the couch.  In the process of it all I lost my job and had no income for six months.  It was only by God's Mercy I survived.  So here I am again....once again trying!  Never give up!

This morning I started Day 6 with no wheat, gluten, sugar or soda.  I can tell you this is the best I have felt in many many months.  I think it is so crazy that what we eat affects our daily life so much!  How can you celebrate a birthday without a birthday cake?  Or Christmas without all the Christmas Goodies?  I have to learn how.

This morning I decided to revitalize my blog, because of the changes I have seen in my own body and life in just six days.  Let me take you back to last Thursday.  I had a Rice Krispy square.  I needed a little something to hold me over as I went to the Family History Center for three hours to volunteer.  A little over two hours into my shift, my stomach began cramping, and gurgling, and I got very gassey.  Because it was a slow day I was told I could go home, which I did. Then I felt like my stomach just exploded as I had runs so badly and my stomach was still gurgling and gassey.  I cried.

I cried for two reasons.  I hurt and didn't know how much longer I could stand of this who stomach issue.  And two I cried because the next day I was to meet a child hood friend that was in town from Iowa. But after a prayer and really pondering the whole issue, I just felt like I would not be well enough to meet them for lunch the next day.  I had to cancel.  I looked at my life and all the things I had recently missed because of my legs and my stomach and it made me mad.

I had a new cleanse I was going to try but was going to wait until Monday to start it, but decided on Thursday night I was going to start it the next morning.  The cleanse it said was to remove the trigger foods in your body that makes you crave the sugar, wheat and gluten.  I thought yeah right.  But I guess it was my last hope, so I did it.  Within a couple of hours it was going through me and the first thing I noticed were my knees were sore but didn't hurt as much.

I emailed the site I got it from and they said that sometimes the cleanse does work that quickly.  I really tried to put my mind frame into eating meat, fruits and vegetables instead of the processed food we all love.  So here it is day 6.  Here are somethings I am noticing.

1) Out of the last five days I have over half those days I have had some pretty descent sleep.  One night even sleeping six hours.

2) My feet are beginning to get wrinkles in them.  YES!!  They have not seen wrinkles in the last year!  That means the lymph fluid is moving.

3) I am not as tired as I was -- it seems as of all of the last half  of 2013 and 2014.  I am actually getting things done, like going back to my writing.

4) I think more clearly, am more emotionally stable (not crying all the time), and see a bit of hope and brightness in my life.

5) The best thing is I have not had any sugar, wheat, gluten, or soda for five days going on 6.

I am going to document my journey through this blog, and also my own private journal I am keeping.  I just want all to know there is hope and we can all do this together.  Someone once told me the reason they were fat was because they were a loser and had no self control.  I don't believe that. No overweight person I have ever talked wants to be overweight.  But sometimes we just have to fond what works for us.

I remember when I was in Texas and gave up the sugar and soda. A friend told me I inspired her.  She couldn't do the "No Soda and No Sugar" thing, but she found her own journey.  She began exercising.  It was an hour a night faithfully.  She told me the first year she lost 24 lbs. Then she found an eating program that worked for her.  In the year she has started her eating program she has lost over 100 lbs.  Go figure!!

My legs are very troublesome to me and they will only do so much until I get frustrated.  So I decided to go back to the other approach what I eat.  As much as I tried to control it I couldn't, until I did the cleanse, then I could stay away from the processed food.  I know I won't be perfect, but I do need to find alternative ways to eat the things I love and I think there are ALTERNATIVES.  I just have to find what works best for me!!

If you are struggling with a weight issue, take one area and start there.  Maybe you have decided you are not ready to give up chocolate or sugar, but you can sacrifice the exercise portion of it. Start out with a small step and keep building.  Let me know how you have decided to change your life and get healthy!! 

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Time to Update Once Again.....

I can't believe it has been soooo long since I have updated my blog!!!  So much has happened.  The good thing is I have gone back off the Sugar and Soda.  I am determined to get healthy!!!  It doesn't matter how many times we fall as long as we keep getting back up...right?

I am no longer in Texas but now live back where I have spent most of my life....Provo, UT!!!  Everyday I walk out my door where I can overlook the valley and be reminded why I love this place so much!!!

I have set a few goals in my life and I need to really focus and concentrate on them to be able to reach them this year.  One is to go walking!! It's hard when your knees and legs hurt so badly all you want to do is sit. *SIGH*  But since giving up the sugar and soda AGAIN I am finding a bit of relief I think.

This morning I wanted to share with you a few things I am learning about myself.  How many times have we been told "eat less and exercise more and the weight will come off?"  I have!  My whole life!!  As 2013 began I prayed for a way for my legs to heal so I could go walking again.  I hope I never complain about having to walk "all the way over there again!"  I felt that if I could get my legs cleared up the rest would come.  I have lymphedema in my legs.  It is painful.  There is no cure...or so doctors tell me.  Normally I have Googled lymphedema cure and treatment. One day I Googled lymph cleanse.  Whoa!  I thought.  That is not right. But one of the options that came up intrigued me and clicked on the link.  What I found was a whole new world opened up to me.

I will be talking alot about this site in the future.  I started to poke around and came across a class on Weight loss and Detoxification.  To say I was stunned and yet happy is an understatement.  He talked about Estrogen Dominance AND "being told to eat less and exercise more" is not all it takes to lose weight...all in the same lecture! 

So my point is here....many of us try to follow a strict diet and exercise and some weight will come off.  But I am a firm believer in two things, you must fix what is going on in the inside and most likely you have some underlying issues going on that no one has found or known anything about.  I have asked doctors about Estrogen Dominance in the past and was told, "Never heard of it!"  They went on to their list of prescriptions for weight loss because that was their  answer. It is not my answer! 

I am determine  to fix me!!  I know if I can do this so can you!!!  Start with a little things you feel you can do and build up on it.  Know it won't come off over night or even in a week or a month.  But it will come off if you are determined enough!!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!  Spring is coming and I expect to be out walking in the beautiful weather!!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Walking, Walking, Walking!

You may remember back in January when I started walking?  I could only do once around the church building and then didn't even know if I could do that!  Erika jokingly told me, "If you only make it halfway I will come pick you up in the car!"  I knew as much as she was joking, she was also serious.  Only once did I not make it around the building.  We walked down one side turned around and came back. I was not feeling well that morning, but at least I did it.

When we started this journey of walking, it was once around the building (about 1/4 of a mile) twice a week.  I eventually graduated to three times a week, then five days a week.  Then I started out with two times, twice around the building for about 1/2 mile.

My goal by June 1st was to walk 1/2 mile five days a week!!  Today WE DID IT!!  But I could never have done this without Tiffany, Erika and Ramona and all the munchkins who come with us. 

For those still struggling and saying "Yeah Laura, I know I need to do something..."


This crazy life and world we live in is a journey!!!  Too often we are taught to be fast and quick and just get it done.  For me, it is easy to quit and tell myself  "what good is 1/4 of a mile"?  You build upon that!  We build upon everything in our lives.  If we can remember that, we can do this!

Many times I have had people approach me (yes complete strangers!) and say, "have you ever looked into Gastic Bypass surgery?"  I have had people say, "I have a diet for you to try!"  I politely turn them down and remember to try to take one step at a time.  I am firm believer, that before I could ever change the outside I had to change the inside.  That is also coming very slowly.  I think the best thing I could have done to have success with all this is to know people care and I am loved.  I really believe it took me getting rid of the anger in me and finding love to be able to do this!!

Don't Ever Give Up!!

Sorry I have not updated as I should!!  But I would love to hear how everyone is doing in their exercising, sugar and soda etc.  I still stay away from it all for the most part.  I will have a treat every now and then, but does not really tempt me as it did.  Now maybe I will have to work on this with my salt intake!  Ha

Hugs Laura

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Six Month Update.....

Today my friend Carol and I were working on my book.  Interestingly enough, as we were working through the chapter it hit me.  My whole life I have tried to please people, but often it was never good enough.  They always seemed to find fault with me or something I did.  I took the attitude, "it's useless so why even try."  I gave up on myself.

Today I saw what the years of negativity and abuse did to me. I turned to Carol and said, "I am the result of abuse."  I know I have been very lucky and fortunate that I am still alive and on this earth to pass along my story.

I know I have said this before, but without Tiffany and Erika I would not be out walking every day.  We have been doing this since January.  People keep telling me I am looking good, but I can't see it because I see myself every day.  One thing that has helped me is by taking pictures of myself every six months or so.  I had a picture of myself from right before I came to Texas. Then a year later in October 2010, I had another picture taken.  Yesterday we took another to mark a "six month" photo (yes I know it was 7 months) but you get the drift.  I thought I would share those photos with you.

Interesting enough tonight when I showed them to someone, they said, "Yes you have lost some but you got a long ways to go."  Really!!  What gave you the first clue Dick Tracy!  My reply to him was, "Really thanks for telling me that I didn't know!  Bless your heart!"  And for those that are from the South knows that when "Bless your heart is followed with a comment it is not good! 

I know many have said they didn't see the pounds come off with giving up sugar and soda.  I didn't either, then again I don't weigh myself.  But seeing these pictures, I can see a slight difference.  I can hardly wait to get to the point (when I have a job and $$) that I can get my hair cut and colored! 

So thank you all for your support and following.  I have gone back and forth with the no sugar and no soda, but it works for me so I am going to continue to do it.  I may have the sugar on special occasions, but now know I can leave it alone. Soda doesn't bother me anymore.  Slowly I am changing my habits with chips.  I either get a small .25 cent bag, or go with tortilla chips and salsa.  I haven't bought bread in a while, and go more for the nuts for my grains.  I leave bread for special occasions such as Easter. I am amazed by changing my habits, I have changed my eating patterns.

I hope you will continue to follow my blog.  It will be interesting to see where I am a year from now as we do our 5K and fifteen months from now when I attend my 35 year high school reunion.  If there is one thing I have learned it is to keep at it and

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Daily Routines and Habits!!!

 Have you ever noticed how "bad habits" come so easily but so hard to break them?  When we want to do a "Good Habit" it is even harder to form it and make it a part of our daily routine. 

Erika, Tiffany and I have been walking since January.  It has taken me till April to be able to do 1/2 mile twice a week.  On Friday we had another lady join us, Ramona.  She assured me, she cannot walk fast.  I said, "No problem, neither do I!"  I will just Ramona put me to shame....I am UPPING MY GAME!!!  She just took off and we never did catch up with her.  By the time Erika and I rounded the back end of the building, Ramona was just about rounding the front end!!  Erika tried to tell me "don't compare yourself" but maybe this is what I need to poke me along a little bit more.

With swollen legs and arthritic knees, it is just so hard for me with every step I take.  I can feel they are getting better and I just need to be patient and keep moving forward.  The thing I have realized though, is that I miss walking when we do not go.  When I say "do not go" I mean on the weekends not during the week.

I truly hope you all have found a partner to go walking with you and you commit yourselves to one another on changing your habits.  I know it is not easy.  I also know I am very lucked and blessed to have Erika and Tiffany out with me everyday, knowing I can count on them.

I will continue to battle the No Sugar and No Soda because that is how I feel I do the best.  I think this time around though I am going to focus on exercise and getting stronger in my legs.  I have noticed other things I have changed without even trying.  Every once in a while, I want a nice piece of hot bread, but I don't buy bread anymore.  I go for a salad with a chicken strip across the top.  I am a very simple eater.  My problem was all my snacking and my sugar!!

I know so many things can affect your eating habits.  I hope somewhere in all my babbling and this blog, you have found ways to help combat your issues you are struggling with.  I met a lady in the grocery store yesterday who was struggling with what Shrimp Cocktail Sauce to buy.  Seems like an easy choice right?  She concentrates on the labels and one had 760 sodium in one and 820 sodium in another, and this was for only 1/4 cup of cocktail sauce.  Salt is another one of my bad habits I need to find a way to battle.

But for right now, I want to add exercise to my daily routines and habits.  So what about you?  Now that we are 1/4th into the year are you still striving to work on your habits from the beginning of the year?  Or have they been pushed aside with the excuse of "not enough time".  I can tell you, until you start making the life style changes and make good habits, and break the old habits, you will chase yourself in circles.  Remember if you need support, come here and vent!!  Let's do this!!!

What Have You Learned From No Sugar and No Soda?

So how did every one do with the last challenge of No Sugar No Soda till Easter?  I think for me more than anything it has helped me break the habit of not getting the candy bars and pop as I head through the checkout stands.  Here are some things I have learned: 

  • I don't eat till I am full, I eat till the food is all gone.  And it doesn't matter what kind of food it is.  That is why I cannot buy a bag of candy, or package of cookies and think I can eat just one.

  • Walking everyday, I can finally see the benefit of the exercise and I can start making plans for the future.  I will be the first to admit it has not been easy and there have been many mornings I did not want to go.  But having buddies to go with changed everything.  Erika even told me she was so sore and achy this morning, she didn't want to go but she did.  She knows I will be there and I know she will be there every morning.

  • Advice and remarks from others, although well meaning can still be very hurtful.  But you need to stand your ground.  I know people only want to "help" but you are the only one who knows what is best for you.  My weight is coming off slowly, but I am not really on a diet, I am trying to make life changes.  By taking shakes, or other "weight loss" alternatives does not teach you to change your habits.  You need to change your habits!!

  • When I do eat sugar, I realize my patience and my "last nerve" becomes very short.  Laying off the sugar has a lot of affects on my body chemistry. 

  • I decide to lay off the sugar now "by choice".  I have decided this go around I will allow my self a treat once a month if I want one...but it has got to be worth it!!  Really worth it!!!  Ha Ha
 So what have you learned from laying off Sugar and Soda?

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Are You Up For a New Challenge?

I have a new challenge for all of you. As I mentioned in my last post, I have finally begun to see some progress in my legs and walking.  I have gone from walking 1/4 a mile to 1/2 mile.  It has not been easy, but I can tell you it is becoming so worth it for me.  It's a matter of getting up and moving!  Last Saturday I was at a baby shower and heard a couple of the ladies talk about a 5K they had just done that morning.  I listened to them and thought, "Man I could never do that!!!"  In talking to one of the ladies I jokingly said, "I do good to do my 1/4 of a mile, and just last week started doing 1/2 mile a couple days a week". She said, "Laura it doesn't matter how far you go just get moving!!!" 

So this weighed on my mind all weekend and into the week and Wednesday proposed it to my walking buddies.  Erika and Tiffany said, "Let's do it!!" 

Next Spring we are going to do a 5K!

Mind you we are WALKING not RUNNING.  I have tried to gather other friends, most have laughed and said "Good Luck!  But no!" 

So I propose the same challenge to all of you!!!  It is a year away.  No matter where you are I am sure there are 5K's in your area.  A 5K is about 3 1/2 miles, so not really too far. When you think about going to Disneyland or Disney World it is nothing to walk that much in a couple of hours.

If you are like me and think "But I can hardly walk" this is your chance to make a goal and get up and get moving!!  This all comes line upon step at a time.  Right now we are only at 1/2 mile a few times a week then we will work up to 3/4 a mile, then a mile and so forth.

I am going to continue my blog, I will try to update at least once a week to let you know how I am doing.  How is everyone else doing?  With my No Sugar and No Soda, I have learned something interesting.  It started out by giving up Sugar and Soda because I needed control of my life.  It kept me away from sweets and broke my habit of getting a candy bar every time I went through the check out line.  I don't buy a bag of candy because I know I will eat it all.  But I can seem to control myself more now with sweets more than I ever could before.  Last Sunday we were all three in a meeting and I passed up the brownies because Erika and Tiffany were there.  I laugh at myself, because why don't I just go buy brownies?  Maybe it is because I have finally realized I don't need a brownie every time I see one. 

Little by little things will come, just start one step at a time.  I am anxious to hear how everyone else has done on their goals.  I am looking forward to Easter and having a Bunny!!!  Thank you for following my blog and my journey!!  I want to hear about yours!!