Thursday, January 13, 2011

Learnnig As We Go!!!

Okay, it is story time right off the bat!!


When I was six years old, my mom tried to teach me to tie my shoes. She tried (kind of), but I just could not catch on the couple times I remember her trying to show me how to tie a bow. She would be come so frustrated, she just told me to get up on the couch and she would do it herself. Of course when you are six and knowing you displeased your mother, then I was unhappy too and it just made matters worse.

I started first grade and did not know how to tie my shoes. Just for the record, I never went to Kindergarten so I didn’t learn there either. But I had a wonderful first grade teacher, Mrs. Fagan. Of all my teachers, she still remains my favorite. I still remember the afternoon we were going out for recess and she told me I had to tie my shoes before I could go out and play. I bent down and pretended to tie them as best I could, enough to get by with a glance and off I went to play for recess. When it was time to go home, she called my name and asked me to stay after school for a few minutes to talk to me. “You need to tie your shoe before you can go home”. I looked down at the floor and quietly said, “I don’t know how”. I was so ashamed because I didn’t know how to tie my shoes, but more importantly I had disappointed someone I cared about.

She grabbed my little chin in her hands, and pulled upward to make me look at her. “It’s okay” she said, “I will teach you.” So for 15 minutes every night after school for two weeks, she patiently taught me the process of how to tie my shoes. On the night I was finally able to show my mom, we were getting ready to go to the bowling alley. “Get up on the couch so I can tie your shoes!” she yelled. I looked at her and grinned, “I already did” and then proudly showed her my nice neat bows on my shoes. “How did you learn how to do that?” “Mrs. Fagan taught me.” I don’t remember the rest of what happened with this conversation, only that I learned to tie my shoes thanks to my first grade teacher.
So what has this got to do with No Sugar, No Soda you ask? Ha Ha I love reading your comments. Thank you, first of all for opening up and sharing your struggles and triumphs with us. I know often times that is not easy. Second of all I am learning (just as all of you are) we all don’t have the answers and we need to pull from one another for ideas and things that have worked for others.

Yesterday, I was frustrated because a stupid scale told me I was too fat to get on it. Why did I get upset over that? Someone else made a comment (maybe on Kathy’s Blog) that they thought if they gave up the sugar and soda we could have anything else we wanted. We can’t? (Ha Ha) But the point is, 


I think one of the things that really set me off with the whole scale thing (yes this is the rest of the story!) is that I discovered these wonderful New Sugar Free Strawberry Crèmes that are delicious!!! They are made by Russel Stover in case you are curious.  I was so confident in myself I bought some as a "treat".  Then when I got home and the scale wouldn't weigh me it set me off.  So my one little one I was going to have yesterday turned into a few little ones. I felt as though I failed so miserably TWICE yesterday.

I think it is odd for me, I can sit there and not get angry at someone who I felt was judging me (see earlier post about Challenging Day) yet I can get mad at a stupid scale.  Go Figure. Someone mentioned they would have laid into the lady, but the one thing I have learned to control my anger and temper because YES I DO HAVE ONE!  I have learned I have to stay somewhat calm and even keeled or watch out!  My whole life has been like an emotional roller coaster ride.  I was once told I was Jekyll/Hyde and they never knew which one of me was coming out that day. I have only recently learned how to control my anger (I think) anyway.  I learned that when ever I was in drama mode or turmoil that is when I would get frustrated, upset and then get just plain mad.  I saw in giving up sugar, that I did not have the emotional roller coaster in me that has lived for so long.  The moment I went back on sugar the ride started again. 

So why is it, I can handle people okay but not a stupid scale? I think I have decided it is not time for a scale yet, so I am going to take it back and let someone else enjoy it.  Tying this all into the beginning, this whole weight loss, dieting, life style change - what ever you call it is a journey. There is not wrong or right way to do something, just what works for you. We are all just learning as we go!!  My friend Shaleen reminded me when my mom passed away, "Laura, if you were never taught how to love or how to give--then how do you know how to do that?" She made me realize that everything is something we have learned some way.  So it is with this journey.  There are so many good ideas on how to help each of us, different options for different lifestyles, food likes etc that we can do this. I had a very patient first grade teacher who taught me to tie my shoe, just like all of us (including myself) need to be patient with ourselves as we try to learn what works for us.

With all that said, what is it that has surprised you the most that you have learned so far?  It can be anything!!!  Just think, tomorrow is January 14 and we will have been doing this for 14 Days!

Good Job Everyone!


  1. Wow! What a touching story. You are right...we need to be patient with ourselves because we are all learning, I learned after all of these years of eating disorders and weight obsessions, that the scale is NOT good for me. I haven't weighed myself in about two years and I eat intuitively..instead of with restrictions. It takes a lot of patience and relearning, but it sure is nice not to think about food, diet and my body all the time. It's very freeing!

  2. Scales are overrated! My shiny new one already needs a new battery.

    Last night I did havs some pop from a fast food place, it wasn't that I was craving coca-cola i drank it because:
    1. I had a headache and hoped the caffine would help.
    2. I was tired and had a 25 minute drive home from band.
    I started a new job this week and it is an adjustment because it is a 9 to 5 kind of job and I previously had worked afternoon turn. So I'm going to blame last night on new job stress and sleeping pattern changes and strive to do better. Or learn to drink coffee (wthout cream and sugar) ;)

  3. I am doing good, other than the slip up at my daughters after my grandsons baptism when I ate a small piece of a czech pastry.That has been my only sweet and absolutely NO soda!!! I do feel better but at times I start feeling a little anxious....not sure why. Maybe the self discipline is making me feel that way....don't really know.
    I loved ready about your first grade experience. I have a first grade experience I remember too. I went to a Catholic school and my first grade teacher was Sister Mary Ann. I was very timid and shy and a huge mamma's girl. School was my first time away from my mom and I was afraid.
    Sister Mary Ann had a ruler...and when you misbehaved in class, you would have to open your hands and she would smack you with the ruler on the palms of your hands. It only took one time to see her do this to a boy in the class to know I wanted no part of that!
    One day she had walked out of the classroom for something and another classmate and I grabbed a piece of chalk and started writing on the blackboard. When Sister walked back in and saw us she swatted us both on the behind. It scared me so bad I peed in my pants! But instead of being angry with me, she was very kind and called my mom.I just knew I was going to get "the ruler."
    I am finally over the embarrassment enough to talk about it now...Ha
    I love your story times!!

  4. I must admit I was very fortunate to have one of the best first grade teachers anyone could ever ask for. She was very kind to us little ones. When the class started to get out of control she had a cricket she would make noise with and we knew we were getting too loud. When I graduated from high school in Iowa, I sent an announcement to her in Texas at my old school and it got to her. She sent me a card (which I still have today) and $20 and told me what the rest of my class had done and teachers and such. Just a great lady. We lost her several years ago, but her daughter posted all her first graders were her children. So thanks for letting me share my story of her.