Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year 2011

We're here!!! Yeaaaa!!!

A friend has reminded me that today is

You see that? All one's! A new beginning!!

I don't normally do New Year's Resolution's, but Kathy asked us what they were on her blog and I thought it was a good idea. So I am cheating and ask all of you the same thing, what are your New Year's Goals. I am a big believer that by sharing our stories, our triumphs and stumbles it makes us all stronger. So here are mine:

Stay off the Sugar and Soda through at least Valentine's Day.
Find a Job!
Make it to WI to meet my cousins for the first time.
Continue with my daily prayers and scripture reading
Get a safer and better car
Go to the Temple
Go Back to school - at least a class or two
Get one of my books finished and published

I am sure there are more if I think about it. None the less here they are, I will be more apt to get them done. Ha Ha Please share your goals, remember it is the small baby steps that get us to the end!!!

Happy New Year everyone....I am anxious to hear your reports on your first day of No Sugar and No Soda!!

We can do this!!

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