Tuesday, January 18, 2011

How to Say No to Soda

First of all to all who have been doing this now for EIGHTEEN Days!! Congratulations!!! But I know there are those who want to do this but can't seem to get a hold on actually quitting soda for our challenge. I did a bit of research and found some interesting things that might help us all.

1- Remember this is a challenge and there is an end in sight. Now remember all we are trying to do is break the habits and mix them up a bit.

2- Why do you want to quit soda? Is it the challenge? Is it to lose weight? To get healthy? For me the first time it was to prove to someone I was not addicted to sugar. I lost. But whatever the reason, find the reason that is going to help you stay motivated when the temptations are hard.

3- Do you have sodas stashed in the house for your family? Get rid of them or put them somewhere you would need to go work to get to them. Whether it be in the trunk of your car, in a locked fridge and you have no key.....you need to get rid of them.

4- Find a replacement for your soda. I know many don't like water, it is too bland. Lemon and lime are not enough for me. I do buy the flavored waters and have one occasionally. But I do find like other things, I need to limit myself with them. By the way, these are usually much cheaper than a soda also. I can buy a bottle twice the size of a soda for fifty cents, compared to 1.59 for a 12 oz bottle of Sprite.

5- Do you keep track of how much you are drinking? I think with not only your soda if you are still trying to kick the habit, but also water. You can then see how much you are drinking and try to cut back little by little until you reach your goal.

6- Carry a water bottle with you? I know this seems like a pain, but I have found this to be helpful. I always have water in my car and with me. Funny story, one day at church in Relief Society I got into a coughing fit, and one of my friends who is also a mother of two young girls wiped off the top of her daughters sippy cup and offered it to me for a drink. I was glad I had my bottle of water with me!! I did appreciate the thought although it made me giggle.

7- Are you sleeping enough? I have been battling my sleep patterns lately. We all think we can go on less than 8 hours of sleep a night. For me I do best on 8 hours of sleep and when I don't get it, I seem to just exist through out the day. I don't feel as productive or alert as I do when I do get my 8 hours of sleep. Sleeping also affect your weight loss by your hunger patterns. I have been working on a blog for this very thing and will try to polish it up and post it this week.

8- Keep Trying--PERSEVERE!!! If you are experiencing withdrawl symptoms like headaches, shakiness, anxiety, cravings, insomnia, or turmoil that you have never noticed before. Push through them, they will lessen as the time goes on.

If you have other ideas you are doing or have tried that has worked for you, please share them with all of us!!! Thanks again for doing this with me!!!  Just remember you only fail when you quit trying!!!

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  1. I've given up pop for Lent several times in the past, so I know it can be done. A bit annyoing at times (some times a Pepsi just sounds so refreshing), but I survived and you will too! We are nearly halfway there!