Friday, May 20, 2011

Walking, Walking, Walking!

You may remember back in January when I started walking?  I could only do once around the church building and then didn't even know if I could do that!  Erika jokingly told me, "If you only make it halfway I will come pick you up in the car!"  I knew as much as she was joking, she was also serious.  Only once did I not make it around the building.  We walked down one side turned around and came back. I was not feeling well that morning, but at least I did it.

When we started this journey of walking, it was once around the building (about 1/4 of a mile) twice a week.  I eventually graduated to three times a week, then five days a week.  Then I started out with two times, twice around the building for about 1/2 mile.

My goal by June 1st was to walk 1/2 mile five days a week!!  Today WE DID IT!!  But I could never have done this without Tiffany, Erika and Ramona and all the munchkins who come with us. 

For those still struggling and saying "Yeah Laura, I know I need to do something..."


This crazy life and world we live in is a journey!!!  Too often we are taught to be fast and quick and just get it done.  For me, it is easy to quit and tell myself  "what good is 1/4 of a mile"?  You build upon that!  We build upon everything in our lives.  If we can remember that, we can do this!

Many times I have had people approach me (yes complete strangers!) and say, "have you ever looked into Gastic Bypass surgery?"  I have had people say, "I have a diet for you to try!"  I politely turn them down and remember to try to take one step at a time.  I am firm believer, that before I could ever change the outside I had to change the inside.  That is also coming very slowly.  I think the best thing I could have done to have success with all this is to know people care and I am loved.  I really believe it took me getting rid of the anger in me and finding love to be able to do this!!

Don't Ever Give Up!!

Sorry I have not updated as I should!!  But I would love to hear how everyone is doing in their exercising, sugar and soda etc.  I still stay away from it all for the most part.  I will have a treat every now and then, but does not really tempt me as it did.  Now maybe I will have to work on this with my salt intake!  Ha

Hugs Laura

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Six Month Update.....

Today my friend Carol and I were working on my book.  Interestingly enough, as we were working through the chapter it hit me.  My whole life I have tried to please people, but often it was never good enough.  They always seemed to find fault with me or something I did.  I took the attitude, "it's useless so why even try."  I gave up on myself.

Today I saw what the years of negativity and abuse did to me. I turned to Carol and said, "I am the result of abuse."  I know I have been very lucky and fortunate that I am still alive and on this earth to pass along my story.

I know I have said this before, but without Tiffany and Erika I would not be out walking every day.  We have been doing this since January.  People keep telling me I am looking good, but I can't see it because I see myself every day.  One thing that has helped me is by taking pictures of myself every six months or so.  I had a picture of myself from right before I came to Texas. Then a year later in October 2010, I had another picture taken.  Yesterday we took another to mark a "six month" photo (yes I know it was 7 months) but you get the drift.  I thought I would share those photos with you.

Interesting enough tonight when I showed them to someone, they said, "Yes you have lost some but you got a long ways to go."  Really!!  What gave you the first clue Dick Tracy!  My reply to him was, "Really thanks for telling me that I didn't know!  Bless your heart!"  And for those that are from the South knows that when "Bless your heart is followed with a comment it is not good! 

I know many have said they didn't see the pounds come off with giving up sugar and soda.  I didn't either, then again I don't weigh myself.  But seeing these pictures, I can see a slight difference.  I can hardly wait to get to the point (when I have a job and $$) that I can get my hair cut and colored! 

So thank you all for your support and following.  I have gone back and forth with the no sugar and no soda, but it works for me so I am going to continue to do it.  I may have the sugar on special occasions, but now know I can leave it alone. Soda doesn't bother me anymore.  Slowly I am changing my habits with chips.  I either get a small .25 cent bag, or go with tortilla chips and salsa.  I haven't bought bread in a while, and go more for the nuts for my grains.  I leave bread for special occasions such as Easter. I am amazed by changing my habits, I have changed my eating patterns.

I hope you will continue to follow my blog.  It will be interesting to see where I am a year from now as we do our 5K and fifteen months from now when I attend my 35 year high school reunion.  If there is one thing I have learned it is to keep at it and