Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!!

After much thought and consideration, I too decided to take a break from the No Sugar, No Soda and enjoy today!!! Yes I indulged in some chocolate. Let me show you....Okay I didn't have 8, I had two.  But I decided to do it for a couple of reasons. 

First of all I did it for me and no one else.  Why?  Because I had to remind myself this was my challenge and no one else's.  When I even began to THINK about having a donut I felt so much opposition come at me.  It made me crazy.  On my way home from a hearing on my ticket (long story) I was going to head to the store and get a few things to make some goody bags for some friends.  Then I remembered, this was our FREE DAY....if I wanted to have sugar, this was the day.  And only one, not an all day sugar feast.  That is when I remembered I was by Round Rock Donuts and somehow my car just magically turned to go.   I must admit, they were tastie but not something I could eat everyday.  So today was sufficient. 

The second reason I did this, I want to see if I can go in challenges as we did, and pick up my no sugar again till the next goal.  I have set my mind to do this. Before when I tried this, I couldn't do it BECAUSE I was not committed to my goal as I am this time.  As I have said before, I could never do this with out all of you!!! 

Whether you know it or not, by sharing your stories you help all of us.  I can tell you as someone who has lived in an obese body, society and life is less than fair with us.  We have to grow thick skin in order to survive and tolerate just to survive sometimes. And though we my have a brave face on the outside, inside we must strive everyday to not let our hearts become harden because of this. 

A few years ago I went and supported a friend who was in an AIDS bike ride.  I was "cautioned" and "counseled" I should not go because that meant I was supporting what AIDS stood for.  I shared the story of my friend I was going to support, but still his answer was, "Well I am just telling you if I was in this position I would not go."  When I asked him, "Why?" His answer was, "Because of the way I live my life I will never have to worry about AIDS."  It was that comment that confirmed to me I needed to go!!!  I am so glad I did.  Because as I sat at the closing ceremonies and heard who the riders were riding for, and heard the stories I realized the ride was not about AIDS.  It was for every person who had a passion and a fight for a cause in them. So many people I met touched my life forever with their stories. 

Obesity and abuse will always be my fights.  It has made me who I am.  Through it all I have had to learn to develop that tough skin, to forgive,  and to love.  But now instead of getting mad all the time I try to find a way to teach with love.  That is what I am going to do today.  Two little girls yesterday just made my day at church.  So today I will let their families know how much I appreciated them.  That is how I will spend Valentine's Day.

How about all of you?  Are you ready for a new challenge tomorrow?


  1. I'm all for going again til Easter. I want to continue and it's great to have a place to share! Congrats to everyone and enjoy that chocolate!

  2. Count me in till easter. I had a pint of Ben and Jerry Fudge Brownie my tummy is so happy right now. lol

  3. @Rachel....That is my FAVORITE ICE CREAM!!

  4. Laura, those donuts look yummy! Michelle, my daughter, made the family an apple pie and her sweetheart an apple pie. I enjoyed a piece of pie with some delicious vanilla ice cream! Wayne also gave me a pack of 10 fun sized candy bars so I ate half of them and he ate the other half. I'm ready to go until Easter now! Congratulations to everyone!

  5. I had a little too much candy on Valentines Day too. I ate 6 fun size Kit Kats bars...not all at once but throughout the day. My tongue was hurting from too much sugar! There is one positive thing that came out of it though, I don't care to see a candy bar for a while!