Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Phase II -- Here We Go Again !!

So here we are back at Day 1 again with new a new goal!!  We are going to go through Easter which is April 24, 2011 in the US.  If my calculations are correct we are on No Sugar, No Soda for 69 Days!!!!  Whew!!!  But I know we all can do this again!!!

For me I was a bit afraid I would not be able to go back to having No Sugar, No Soda after having it for one day. Today, though I have been just fine.  Maybe it is knowing that it will be there tomorrow and the next day and I don't have to have it all right now.  I really think though it is having to answer to all of you!!!

Now that we have all been through this once, I thought maybe we could step it up a bit (if you want).  Remember the three baby steps we were going to do before as our goals along with the No Sugar, No Soda?  I thought we could start them earlier in this process and maybe we might be more successful on them.  I know I failed miserably!!!  LOL  Kathy calls them "The Power of Three Checklist".  So here are my three again and this time I am going to do them!!!  Okay so math is not one of my strong points, I added a fourth to mine.  Ha Ha

1) Go Walking three times a week (you all need a friend like Erika!!  She keeps me going!)
2) Get in the habit of writing everyday what I eat and my feelings for the day.
3) Do not in the car while driving.  Big one of mine.  Bad me!
4) Drink water, water, water!!  I have a two quart bottle I try to down at least once a day.
This has been an interesting day and yes I know it is only Tuesday. I mentioned yesterday I had to go take care of a ticket.  Then today I had an interview with a staffing agency, but when I got there on the window next to the door was a sign that read:  "NO TRESPASSING!  THE POLICE HAVE BEEN INFORMED!"

My first thought was, "don't tell me they have shut down this office since yesterday!!"  I peaked in the window and it looked like it was still  open, the door was unlocked and I went inside.  I rang the bell to get the attention of someone and after several minutes someone finally came out.  Then I waited several more minutes before being taken back for my interview.  The first thing I was told was, "I am sorry to tell you this, but the position I talked to you yesterday about is not longer available but I did not cancel because I still wanted to interview you.  After going through a 30 minute interview, I asked what positions were available and she said, "None".  I felt as though I was going to be sent on my way, but stuck my foot out and asked to fill out paper work so I would not have to come back.  It was 20 miles one way.

Through this all I was a bit ticked because once again I felt it was a waste of time and here someone was making me jump through hoops for show.  It is frustrating.  Since getting home I have listened to a young man's commencement speech who has 90% hearing loss.  It reminded me, "Laura what do you have to complain about?"  So with this new beginning on another journey of No Sugar, No Soda  I am going to look for the positive things in life and on this journey and not complain so much.  We all know how to do that (complain) most of us probably don't need help in that department.  I am going to stand a little taller, and be a little stronger and step it up this go around.

Those pounds I want to lose this year are not going to just say one day, "Here you go Laura we are going to run away today" no. I am going to have to work for every ounce there is.  So all I am asking you all to do, is be a little stronger this go around!!  Good Luck  I know ya'all can do it!!!

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  1. I am not going to participate in the no sugar part this go around. I am still soda free, but I really was hoping to see a better result on the scale. I AM going to limit myself of sugar. This definelty has made me more aware of the addiction I have. What I am going to do is add 30 minutes of some type of exercise at least 5 days a week. I have started back walking and I can tell a difference in my energy level already. It helps that the weather here in TX has been gorgeous this week too.
    If I stick with the walking I am thinking about getting my daughters (they are all training for a half marathon) to fix up a training schedule for me to do a 5K. They had me doing them a few years ago and then I got lazy and stopped.
    Good luck to everyone this go around with whatever your goals may be!