Sunday, February 27, 2011

Still Here!!

I have been such a slacker this week in blogging!!!  I apologize ...but I am still off the sugar and soda.  How is everyone else doing?  This is a new week and a new me!!! 

Since I talk about Tiffany and Erika so much, this is us.  I hope you all have a partner to do this with!!  It makes such a difference!!

Me, Tiffany, Erika, Baby Jake and Cute Gabby!!!

Hugs and Loves Laura


  1. I didn't do so good last week. I gained weight. To deal with a stressful work related situation, I had 3 cans of pop, ate 3/4 of a pizza by myself, enjoyed several cookies worth of raw cookie dough, and noshed on lots of other junk. It was not a good week weather wise to go out and take a walk so I didn't get any excersize either.
    This week I will strive to do better.

  2. LOOKING GOOD girl! The weather in TX has finally straightened up! I have been getting out and doing some walking too. Not as much as I hoped to, but I have a few projects coming to an end soon that will free up some time for me.
    I am REALLY been a slacker in my blogging too. My daughter just asked me last week when I am going to update my blog. I am working on it!

  3. Thanks Girls! All I can say is don't give up!! I think part of my problem was that I let depression set in and didn't realize it. But I am doing better. It is a battle that is for sure. But I am amazed at how much if we just keep trying that is all we can do. One day it will all click and we will be on our way!! Hugs to you both!

  4. I have been bad about excercise my boyfriend moved to oregon. I have moped and wallowed enough now so I am going to get back on the program.

    Great Job Laura!!!! Yes, a workout buddy definitely helps. Unfortunately mine has been under the weather. So she could not drag my whiney wallowing self out.

  5. I'm still on the so sugar - no salt but I doubt I have lost any weight because I needed to eat to have more energy than normal to keep up with Amy and Jeff's kids. Fun to see a photo of you and your friends!