Friday, February 11, 2011

Ya Think???

How do you plan to celebrate February 14th, making it to our 45th day for the No Sugar, No Soda challenge?

I ask because I have noticed in about the last week, I have people coming out of the woodwork offering their advice on what I should and should not be doing with MY challenge. I am not saying "my challenge" as in this is what you must do.  Each one of us (I hope) has taken the No Sugar, No Soda guidelines and worked them according to what you needed in your life.

One person wanted to cut down their soda to one a day.  For them that was a big step. Others simply wanted to see if they could go 45 days with no sweets and no soda.  For me, I am continuously trying to break my habits that just because I am standing in line where the candy and sodas are, it does not mean I have to buy them.

Interesting I have been told, "Oh honey you shouldn't eliminate it all, just cut back."  Ya think?  If I could just cut back I would.  But I know if it is within range of me seeing it, it is a goner.  I have also been told when I mention that occasionally I have sugar free chocolate "Well that is even worse for you, you might as well eat the real stuff."  Erika (bless her heart and Thank You Erika!) gets me out to go walking three times a week around our church building.  If it was not for her I probably wouldn't go.  For me I am quite proud of myself for doing it.  But mentioning it to one person, "Well that is not very far, you need to walk more."  Ya think? My point is I simply gave guidelines to those who asked if they could join this challenge the next time I did it.  No Sugar, No Soda could be interpreted many different ways.

Now we have made it this far, we see the finish line in sight.  I was asked "How are you going to celebrate?"  At first I was going to go try the entire year through Thanksgiving again with No Sugar, No Soda.  But, lately I have been seeing this ad for donuts.  If you think Krispy Kreme donuts are wonderful, you should have Round Rock Donuts.  Yes, they are that good and even been featured on the Travel Channel.  I will do you a favor and not post the link to their website.  <g>  So I have been thinking maybe I will go get a Chocolate Round Rock donut on Monday.

Part of me knows, when I go to begin the challenge again it will be very very hard if I go off now and have sugar and especially that donut.  Part of me is saying "Laura it is one donut!"  LOL  That good and evil sitting on my shoulder.  So I have not quite decided what  will do yet.  There are have been those who have offered their opinions when I posted I was thinking of this.

Just as a side note, yes I am aware that artificial sweeteners are worse than real sugar, but again I need to break habits.  That was my whole purpose and to gain some kind of control for my sugar addiction.  Has it helped?  Yes.  I can pass up the sweets and I am okay.  But I have gotten a few opinions from others on this matter!!!  LOL  Through all the frustrations this year, I feel as though I have pulled through pretty well.  So I am looking forward to Monday as a milestone for me. Will I celebrate, now sure yet or if I do how will I do it.

Do you all want to do this again?  Kathy made the comment on her blog to go again till Easter.  I thought that was a good goal for Phase II of the No Sugar, No Soda.  What do you all think?  How have you all fared through all this and what have you learned?



  1. Laura, I think you're amazing. What might be really hard for you might seem easy for someone else so you are right in deciding your own goals. I know that Wayne is going to go buy me my favorite kind of chocolate pieces for Valentine's Day because that is what he would really like. I keep telling him that I'd rather have a cookie or a piece of cake but he keeps bringing up the See's candy. I'm ready to start again the day after Valentine's Day and go until Easter? Anyone else want to join me?

  2. Kathy.....Thanks. I haven't decided what I am going to do yet on Monday if anything. But I think I have learned, to be careful of what I say to people. It's like all the armchair quarterbacks and backseat drivers! LOL But you are right we have to decide what our goals are no one else. As for continuing on, I am in with you till Easter. Can I just tell you? I know this has not been easy for you because that sweet husband of yours means well with all his cookies etc. You know we love him.....but I am proud of you!!! And enjoy Valentine's Day!!! Hugs to you both!!

  3. Laura,You have done an awesome job. I know that everyone thinks that they have a right to give advice. I have had plenty of slip ups in this challenge. I agree with you that it has to be our own goal. For me who was average 8 sodas a day to cut down to one was a success.
    I have so many ups and downs physically and emotionally that it has been a rough road. I only hit the chocolate bag once so that was not as bad as my thought of driving down an embankment and ending it all. I guess perspective is everything.
    You should be proud of walking 3x a week and it will get easier the more you go. My best friend and I have been averaging going to the gym 3x a week and without each other we would neither one go. So just keep doing what you are doing.Little steps turn into giant leaps, whether it is walking or giving up soda and sugar or any other challenge in your life.
    We are always going to run into some one that thinks that they can do it better and wants to share their opinion.
    I realized recently I have been a crummy friend to someone because all she can talk about is the 15 pounds that she has to lose. I found it frustrating in comparison to the one and a half people that I need to lose. I frankly told her so and I think I hurt her feelings and maybe I am jealous thinking that I wish it I had to lose 15 pounds and not 215. Anyway I was less than supportive and have since corrected the situation and myself.
    With all that said I am up for the challenge to go till easter with my goal of giving up soda completely and unfollowing the sugar trail. LOTS OF LOVE Rachel

  4. @Rachel--Thank you for your kind word, they were just what I needed today. I hope you don't think you are alone when you say you have to lose 1 1/2 people? I am right there with you. It does get frustrating also when I hear people they need to lose 15 lbs. But I have to remember, this is my journey and I have to do what I know I can do. Yes there are times when I can do more, but I want to make it a habit and not have an end in site. That is why I kind of like this last challenge with No Sugar, No Soda because now we can celebrate, then go back off the Sugar and Soda again. And I think it is FABULOUS that you have gone from 8 to 1 can of Soda!!! I know that is not easy!! Keep plugging along!!! We will all get there! Hugs Laura