Monday, February 7, 2011

501 Ways to Get The Sugar Out

No I am not going to list 501 ways, BUT I thought I would share with you a book that I love!!  In 2001 I was preparing for chance of a lifetime.  I was going to be a Volunteer for the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympic Games.  This had been a 2 year process of paper work, test events, training, FINALLY getting an assignment, my uniform etc.  The one thing I had not been able to do though was to lose weight.  One day my friend and I were at the library and I found a book called, "Get The Sugar Out".  It sounded interesting so I checked it out and read it.

I already knew I had a problem with sugar, but it was hard to admit it. I was on a last ditch effort to take off some weight before the games started.  On December 29th, I began to take all the sugar out of my diet.  This included, sweets, pasta, bread, potatoes, soda, all things sugar.  I mentioned to another friend on New Year's Eve how I was giving up sugar and she laughed at me.  She went on to say we all need sugar, and I could never give it up.  That go around, I went 6 months with no sugar before I caved in.  But by eliminating those things and walking 1 mile a day five times a week I lost over 40 lbs in a month.  The weight fell off.  Even though I had done it for six months, I felt like I failed.

However, after the Olympics were over, I heard my friend's voice over and over, You Can't Do It!!!  I was so mad at myself when I did cave in thinking I would simply go back off the sugar again.  It was not that easy.  Last September was the first time I had been able to give it up since 2002.  My thought when I think back to this is why couldn't she just be supportive?

This part of my life reminds me of a favorite children's story.  There is a series of books by Ricky Van Shelton called Tales From a Duck Named Quacker, Quacker meets Mrs, Moo, and Quacker Meets Candadian Geese.  There are four of them (I do not have the fourth one) and each one tells a different story and a different moral.  One of my favorites (if anyone really wants to know what the title is, leave a message and I will dig them out) tells the story of Quacker and a friend.  His friend asks him,
"Why do you wag your tail and bark like a dog?"
Quacker replies, "Because that is who I am."
His friend replies, "No you're not, that is a dog and you are a duck."
Quacker asks, "Don't you like me for who I am?  This is all I know how to be." 

This story always touches me because our true friends and those we love seem to accept us for who we are, yet they also sometimes want to mold us into what they want or what is acceptable to society or something!   I have not quite got that part figured out yet.  They don't mean the harm, but sometimes it is still there.  I have said before, I did this last September to gain control of my life, because somewhere I had to have some control over something.  Through it all there have been challenges, victories, defeats and downfalls.  But despite all of that it is the things I have learned that I know one day I will will by battle to become a healthier me. It all starts with doing what you can and building upon it.

Early in the book, "Get the Sugar Out" Ann Gittleman starts by listing the problems with sugar in heart disease, diabetes and cancer, the three leading disease killers.  Also listed on the list is your immune system.  I just thought of this while writing this blog.  Since being off the sugar in September I have been sick once.  I think it was more the stress than anything, but none the less I was a sick little puppy.  Now all my friends are getting sick and (knock on wood) I have avoided it all.  Could it be by being off the sugar my immune system has increased that I have avoided all the nasty bugs that are going around?  Hmmm interesting thought.

Back to the book, besides the obvious diseases and ailments listed above Ms. Gittleman lists many others.  Some that are included are:

Acne, Allergies, Arthritis, Cancer, Constipation (excuse me need to potty!!! LOL Sorry I couldn't resist!), Depression, Fatique, Mood Swings, Premature Aging and the list goes on.  But the point is, trying to get rid of the sugar is not just about losing weight, it is about getting healthier.  Here are the Top 10 Hints for getting sugar out of your diet::

1-Stop adding sugar to cereal and fruit.
2-Eliminate processed carbohydrates from your kitchen - yes white bread, white pasta, whit rice
3-Go with whole and unprocessed foods
4-Thin out sweeteners or sweet foods
5-Beware of "Fat Free" it does not mean they are less sugar
6-The more natural food the better
7-Become a food detectve
8-Eat for taste and nutrition
9-Listen to your body
10-Eat regular and balanced meals.

Okay so looking at this list even I GET OVERWHELMED!  I am going to take three of them and work on them. I don't have a problem with number 1, but I need #2 and #3, and #10.

This is a very good book that explains all you ever want to know about sugar.  It talks about the Glycemic Index on foods.  The whole goal is to keep your blood sugar at an even level so as not to get the cravings, and binges etc.  It's all doable and all possible....with time.  There are several good books on the market that will help you understand your body and how it reacts to sugar. Someone has mentioned "Eating for your Body Type".  While we all need to watch what we eat and exercise, I believe there is more to it than that.  It means educating our selves on what is right for us and only we will know "that" is.

Have you found other books you like and are helpful?  Please share them with us here!!


  1. My life changing book was "The Seven Secrets Of Slim People" by Vikki Hansen, msw and Shawn Goodman. It's wonderful...and you eat sugar too. But it changed my life for the better. I have made adjustments with it but it's a non-diet solution. It works great! At least for me.

  2. Thanks Laura I am going to check into that one!!!

  3. I'm still hoping you're doing well! How's the challenge going?