Sunday, February 20, 2011

Up and at 'Em!!!

Okay I figure since I have been moaning and groaning about Tiffany and Erika getting me walking and I vowed to not complain any longer, I needed to put on my BGP (Big Girl Panties) and up my game.  I was very proud of myself, I was at the store yesterday and did not buy CHIPS!! Yeaa Me.  But that was not upping my game enough!

One of my biggest fears (I tell myself) is falling when I am out walking.  Tiffany says, "So, we will pick you up!" They just won't let me use excuses of any kind.  Last Friday I took very very baby steps to get around the building and it really bothered me that a little three year old could walk faster than I could!  Today a friend posted pictures of hiking to the Delicate Arch and I would love to do that, but know I can't with these legs.  So I need to up my game!

I want to get my legs better, if I can get them better I can really progress on myself.  Every morning I wake up and my right arm I can feel is somewhat swollen.  When I get on the computer in the morning, sometimes my fingers begin to go numb that I need to stop and exercise them.  At the grocery store I often have to sit down and rest my feet as the right bottom goes a bit numb and bugs me.  Once I sit down for five minutes, it is fine.

I decided this morning I need to find out what is wrong with me. I Googled "poor circulation for body" and found an interesting article I thought I would share with all of you. The article is entitled  "How to Improve Circulation Naturally".
  • Increase your water intake.  Everyone says, eight glasses of water a day but who has time to count.  If you get a 32 oz refillable cup and make sure you drink two of them a day, there will be your 64 oz.  I know there are different theories, but remember we are just looking to make changes.
  • Add lemon to your diet.  Lemon contains citrate which is good for blood circulation.  Various ways to do this!!  But need to add lemon.
  • Take a Multivitamin every day.  I do not do this but am going to start again.  I am awful at having good habits!!  Bad habits are so much easier to form!!!
Those three I thought were easy things I could do right away and change to begin making good habits.  Here are some other tips that were listed:

  • Follow a healthy diet plan.  I have a hard time with the word DIET....I need a life style change.  However it did say to limit your intake of sugar, alcohol, sodium, and caffeine.  Yeaaa us!!!
  • Exercise, yes we all know we need to get moving more!  Snoopy Dance everyone!!!
  • Apply heat to your body to help the blood flow move.
  • Get a foot massage " Visit a local spa or salon and have someone massage the reflex point on the bottom of each foot. This helps to increase blood flow to the various organs in your body".
Yes it really said to get a foot massage!!!  You think that can be done with health insurance?  <g>

Here is the link to the entire article How to Improve Circulation Naturally  (interesting read).  I am going to do the things in the first group and work on the ones in the second group.

I would love to know for any who try these if they make a difference for them.  I am going to start them as well and report back if I feel better.  We are starting on week two everyone!!!  Hang in there with everything you are doing!!!  Now let's get up and Snoopy Dance!!! (Your aerobic exercise for the day!!)


  1. Thanks Laura,

    Wayne doesn't have very good circulation - especially in his arms and hands. His hands can be ice cold in the summer. It's gotten worse since the brain cancer surgery and radiation. I'm going to try and get him to try some of these ideas! Wish me luck.

  2. Kathy,

    GOOD LUCK!!! Please tell Wayne we all love him so much and he needs to listen to Dr. Laura!!! Ha Ha I love telling people that!!! But really these are small things he can do so hopefully he won't put up much of a fight!!! Hugs Laura