Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Trials, Struggles and Crashes -- OH MY!!

Hey Everyone....I hope you are all hanging in there and doing the best you can!!  Easter is just around the corner!  For what ever reason this has been an extremely hard month and beginning of year for me.  There is good news....I have begun to walk five times a week instead of just three times a week!!!  Yea Me!!  I am trying to celebrate the little things.

On the flip side of that, my computer  has CRASHED!!!  UGH!!!  I have been using computers since 1988 and this is the first time I have ever had a computer crash!!!  I have very limited access to one in the Family History Center.  Please forgive me for not keeping this blog up....I will try do better once I get a computer again!

Hugs to all and Hang In There!!!  Laura

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  1. Congratulations on walking 5 times a week. That's great! Sorry about your computer crashing. That's the pits! I'm still hanging in there without soda and sugar until Easter.