Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Life and Weight Loss Excuses!!

We all do them!!!  I think I lead the pack!!  Ha Ha  Here are some of the ones I found online are and ones of my own at the end.

My parents (ancestors) were overweight, so I am too.  

Great Grandmother
  We have to remember we are the one who chooses our own destiny.  Yes the genes play a part in it, but we are the only ones who can change who we are.  Here are some pictures of my grandmother and great grandmother. When I first saw these pictures, I thought yep I am dead meat!! On the left is my grandmother Grace Linn Moore, and on the right is Carrie Valls Schoenbohm.  I have their same body type!!!  I showed the picture to my manager who said, "Well we know where you body type comes from!"  So yes genes have a big part to play in our weight, but so does alot of other factors.  I am stubborn enough and determined enough to break cycles in my life and change me.

My Family Won't Eat Healthy Food.
We can't expect ourselves or our family to automatically go from eating junk food to eating a healthier diet.  It just doesn't work that way.  We need to find small ways to change our eating habits rather than big ones. I had a friend who used to have one green vegetable for dinner every night.  Those green vegetables varied, between green beans, broccoli, salad, brussell sprouts etc. I had a friend who added one new fruit to her vegetable each week. So think of little changes to incorporate to begin with. This reminds me of a story:


My brother would easily go through a gallon of milk in a day or two.  Remember how I said earlier my mom used to tell us to slow down we were not going to a fire?  Well my brother could eat. She often said, "he can't be tasting what he is eating." My mom in all her wisdom decided to go with a cheaper milk and see if he could taste the difference.  For about three months he could not.  Then one day, "Mom this milk tastes funny!! I think it is spoiled!"  She tried to explain there was nothing wrong with the milk, it was just a different kind and not the whole milk.  He replied, "I can't drink this stuff it's gross!!!"  I don't think she went back to the whole milk and he had to get used to the 2% milk.

I have never been a milk drinker, although I do like and can drink skim milk.  And yes I can tell the difference between whole milk and skim milk!!  But the point to this whole story is, sometimes we just shove things in our mouths without even thinking about it.
Adding little changes to our food is probably not going to be noticeable.  What small changes can you make to your food to make them healthier?

I Don't Have Time!
Don't get me started on this one!!!   Let's start with lunch at work.  By the time you go out to get lunch, bring it back and snarf it down, there is no time to enjoy lunch or even relax.  But if you got in the habit of making your lunch at night and taking it to work with you, not only would you be saving $$ but also you could relax and maybe go for a walk, or read a book or do something else besides run to get lunch and be stressed.  There have been several jobs where I have taken a 10 minute walk and then eaten lunch. I have mentioned before my water aerobics story and the success I had with it.  I had joined a website that had a message board and most of the replies were positive when I posted my successes. The keyword being MOST!!!  But one lady said, "I wish I had the free time you did to do water aerobics."  Hello did I miss something?  FREE TIME?  I left my house at 6:30 in the morning, worked all day, then drove straight to water aerobics after work, did an hour class, was lucky if I got home by 7:00 pm at night. And I was always early for work, because of parking and the 15 minute hike to my building.  It was all about changing priorities to make time.

I Don't Have Any Support.
I do understand this one.  I have said this before, I do not know what I would do without Erika.  On Monday I was a tad bit later than normal getting to the church and she had begun loading Audrey her daughter into the car to leave.  I showed up just in time!!!  We did our walk around the building.  She is my motivator.  And I have never had anyone like that before to really support me and make sure I go walking.  We could have very easily said, "Let' not do it today" but we were both there so why not do it!!  Do you have a dog you can take for a walk?  Maybe a neighbor or co-worker will go with you. Not take the neighbor or co-worker for a walk, (ha ha) but have them walk with you.  Remember it doesn't take much, you are just trying to change your habits and make small changes that will become bigger habits.

I Am Afraid of Regaining It All.
What is your thought on this?  This has never crossed my mind.  I guess because I have always lost the same pounds over and over.  Ha Ha This time it is going to be different.

All of the above is from the article "Weight Loss Excuses" on about.com.

Here are some of my own thoughts:

What will happen when I get thin?
Even when I have lost weight before, I do not have the mindset in me to think differently when I was thinner. Part of it becomes because even when  I was 20 lbs overweight, I was still referred to as a cow, water buffalo, horse etc. There was a time in my life where I had lots a substantial amount of weight.  I had gotten off a bus and was walking to a friends house when I got whistled at. I hurried to my friends house and it was all I could do to not cry.  Eventually I told my friend what happened and she said, "Laura that is a good thing" but I could never make myself believe that.  So that worries me.  Even if I was to get into a single digit size, I worry how I will be viewed and what would happen.  Whistles?  Name calling?  I don't think I could handle any attention and that bothers me deep down.  I know, I know, there are some deep mental issues inside there.

Also now, I can blame all my failures to my weight.  When I lose the weight, I can blame my weight anymore for my failures.

Do I Deserve To Be Thin and Healthy?
I have a very dear friend who is Diabetic.  I watch her struggle on a daily basis with her diabetes.  Today I was thinking to myself as I watched her check her blood sugar, why is it she has diabetes?  She is very trim and tiny and watches what she eats -- or at least I think she does.  And yet her diabetes is such a burden to her and her lifestyle.  I have been tested for diabetes on many occasions, and always told the same thing.  There is nothing wrong with me. I know that is not right, but they have to go off the blood work.  So I do what I can now and hopefully I will be able to dodge the bullet.

See for me this is all a mind game.  There is a book I am going to check into that is called:  Train Your Brain to Think Like a Thin Person  I want to read this as I think it will help deal with the issues in my head.

So what about all of you?  What are your excuses?  How are you going to combat them?  Any advice from those who have met their goals and gotten to their goal weight?


  1. My excuses would be genetice although I am trying to win the fight. I dont have time it seems something is really getting in the way. I need to make me a priority again. I eat fast in my house as a child it seemed that if you did not eat fast you lost out on seconds.

    I have learned that 2nd are not as important as they used to be. Plus I work in the evening so if I pack only a certain amount that is it. That is very helpful on my live it. lol

  2. This is an interesting post. I'm not sure what my excuses really are. I tell the doctor that I eat out too much like at buffets on cruises, but what is the real reason I have let myself gain weight? I'll let you know when I figure this one out.

  3. I suppose its not a good excuse but I'll blame the vending machines in junior high. It was then that I started gaining weight and looking back I'm sure the daily can of pop and one or more candy/snack items that contributed. The pop machine was actually turned off during lunch time to encourage us students to by juice from the fruit drinks machine (were these any healthier or cantained less calories? I doubt it) so I just stopped by the pop machine between 3rd and 4th period to get a Dr. Pepper.
    It was in this period of my life I discovered my favorite pop (Dr. Pepper) and candy bar (Caramello).
    So thats my excuse for today.
    Vending machines in school = bad for me.