Monday, March 7, 2011

Three Muskateer Day....

Now I know what you all are thinking, "Laura YOU DIDN'T?"  Nope I didn't.....I did not give in but I did think about it.  Why?  Because I ran to the grocery store today and Three Muskateers were on sale 2/$1.00.  Three Muskateers are my most favorite candy bar!!! Snickers is close, but I am a Three Muskateers Girl.  Normally they do not tempt me but today I saw the SALE and PICK ME PICK ME sign!!!

I did manage to sneak by them with out one jumping in my cart. Whew!!  Off to Walgreen's I headed.  Guess what I found there?  The king size GIGANTIC Three Muskateer bars on sale for some ridiculous price too!!  I was afraid to go anywhere else!!!

I thought about those candy bars today, but not so much how I wanted one as I was able to pass them up.  I am realizing the sugar does not tempt me so much anymore. But as it has been said here before, often times we simply substitute one thing for another.  Maybe this is not a bad thing as long as eventually we substitute the good things we need in our life for a healthy diet and balance.

So that's all.  I just wanted to let you all know I did pass up the Three Muskateers Today.  Yeaaa Me!!!  And I did make it out walking thanks to Erika ...Yeaaa Me!!!

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  1. Good job Laura! You're setting a great example for us all!