Thursday, April 21, 2011

Are You Up For a New Challenge?

I have a new challenge for all of you. As I mentioned in my last post, I have finally begun to see some progress in my legs and walking.  I have gone from walking 1/4 a mile to 1/2 mile.  It has not been easy, but I can tell you it is becoming so worth it for me.  It's a matter of getting up and moving!  Last Saturday I was at a baby shower and heard a couple of the ladies talk about a 5K they had just done that morning.  I listened to them and thought, "Man I could never do that!!!"  In talking to one of the ladies I jokingly said, "I do good to do my 1/4 of a mile, and just last week started doing 1/2 mile a couple days a week". She said, "Laura it doesn't matter how far you go just get moving!!!" 

So this weighed on my mind all weekend and into the week and Wednesday proposed it to my walking buddies.  Erika and Tiffany said, "Let's do it!!" 

Next Spring we are going to do a 5K!

Mind you we are WALKING not RUNNING.  I have tried to gather other friends, most have laughed and said "Good Luck!  But no!" 

So I propose the same challenge to all of you!!!  It is a year away.  No matter where you are I am sure there are 5K's in your area.  A 5K is about 3 1/2 miles, so not really too far. When you think about going to Disneyland or Disney World it is nothing to walk that much in a couple of hours.

If you are like me and think "But I can hardly walk" this is your chance to make a goal and get up and get moving!!  This all comes line upon step at a time.  Right now we are only at 1/2 mile a few times a week then we will work up to 3/4 a mile, then a mile and so forth.

I am going to continue my blog, I will try to update at least once a week to let you know how I am doing.  How is everyone else doing?  With my No Sugar and No Soda, I have learned something interesting.  It started out by giving up Sugar and Soda because I needed control of my life.  It kept me away from sweets and broke my habit of getting a candy bar every time I went through the check out line.  I don't buy a bag of candy because I know I will eat it all.  But I can seem to control myself more now with sweets more than I ever could before.  Last Sunday we were all three in a meeting and I passed up the brownies because Erika and Tiffany were there.  I laugh at myself, because why don't I just go buy brownies?  Maybe it is because I have finally realized I don't need a brownie every time I see one. 

Little by little things will come, just start one step at a time.  I am anxious to hear how everyone else has done on their goals.  I am looking forward to Easter and having a Bunny!!!  Thank you for following my blog and my journey!!  I want to hear about yours!!


  1. A 5k sounds like a great goal! I've never done one, but I think it would be interesting and walking that far at one time would be an accomplishment for me, becasue taking a walk is not an activity I enjoy.

    I haven't done great with keeping up with my power of 3 list other than no pop, I'm still doing pretty good with that. I packed away my winter clothes and pulled out my summer ones and was surprised to find many fit better than I remembered so I guess not drinking pop is having some effect. :)
    I am in the process of making some major life changes - recently quit my job and am moving in 6 weeks to share an apartment with friends. I will be taking my dog with me so I am going to be spending a lot more time taking walks with the dog (no letting him out that side door like I do now). I'm going to stick with no soda and evaluate other goals when we get settled into our new place.

  2. A 5K that sounds fun I have not done one in a long time.

    I am so proud of you Laura way to go on that 1/2 mile.

    Jenny I understand the major life changes. I had to reapply and interview for a job I have had for 10 years. Will know Monday if I have a job. Change and New GOALS are great we should all evaluate every so often. Being complacent only hurts us in the long run. Keeping plugging away things will get better.

    Glad to see your blog Laura and hang in there. You are an inspiration to many.

    Thanks for a great bloG!!!! ; )

  3. That's great Laura! I'll be following your progress. Thanks for giving me the inspiration to exercise more.