Sunday, December 26, 2010

Where Do I Start?

So you want to join the challenge huh? Where do you start? If you are single it may be a bit easier, give away all all the candy, cookies, cake, pies, ice cream, soda etc in the house. After all if you are alone you won't need them – right?

Don't try to reason with yourself-

But I spent GOOD HARD MONEY on this stuff! Yes you did. So now that you recognize that get rid of it. Give it to some neighbors, friends, grandchildren or whoever will take it- just get rid of it!

Another good excuse is-What if I only eat one piece a day? WRONG!!! You and I both know that will not happen!!!

Well this package isn't open so I can keep it right? WRONG!! Because once that package is opened guess what it falls into excuse number 2.

I am sure there are others, but these are my biggest three.

If you are a mom or grandma and have young children around your story and situation will be different. I am not in this situation, so any comments are welcome!! I have thought how I would go about this and I would get a plastic bin with lid and put the sweets in them. I have also found in the past if I put them up high, or down low when I have to work to get to them, it helps. Ideas on this one?

What about the Soda? I am not a big soda drinker BUT I have realized when ever I am in a store it was very easy to say, “Oh that sounds good” and pick one up on the way out. For me soda is more of a habit than an addiction; but still it needs to be broken.

Maybe you are the one saying, “Laura more power to you!!! I need to cut down on them but I am not giving them up!!” Have you thought about designating one day a week to have sweets and/or soda? I have done this before too, and it is just as hard as giving it up for a period of time as it is to have it once a week but both are doable.

I know this is doable by all of us for whatever reason we want to do it. Whether it is just proving to someone you are not addicted to sugar or it is proving to yourself and others giving up sugar is no big deal and anyone can do it. Maybe it is a friend you know could use a No Sugar/No Soda Buddy.....what a great gift of service and friendship!!! Whatever the reason WE CAN DO THIS!!

Get ready only five more days and the journey begins!!!!

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  1. Laura,
    I am getting prepared for this. I can already tell this isn't going to be easy. For starters, my morning routine is to eat two pieces of toast, with PLUM JAM every morning along with a glass of chocolate milk (not a coffee drinker) made with HERSHEY'S CHOC SYRUP.So as you can see, the sugar starts first thing when I wake up. Then around 10AM I crave a DR. PEPPER. More sugar. Diet drinks make me feel bad, so I opt for the fully leaded (so to speak) I do prefer the Dr. Pepper with the real sugar other than corn syrup....This is going to top the list of things to give up.
    I am Catholic and during Lent we vow to give up doesn't have to be food related,but I have been able to give up sodas during Lent. I know it can be done, it's just HARD!
    Also, I went grocery shopping last night to Wal Mart and they have all of their baking items on clearance....Betty Crocker cookie mixes for 75 cents, cake mixes, 50 cents. I sure wanted to stock up, but I didn' steps!!
    I know we can do this!!